Former Beyoncé Employee Expects Us to Believe Kris Is Becky

Just when you thought the national nightmare that was “Becky with the good hair” was dead and buried, the Daily Mail went and found somebody determined to dig that skeleton up.

In an interview with hairstylist Anthony Pazos who worked with Beyoncé during the VMAs and the Superbowl this year, bb boy claimed Becky was actually Kris Jenner.


“The rumors while we were working were that the one line “Becky with the good hair” is Kris Jenner,” Pazos explained. “The funny thing about it is that no one believes that because they are like Jenner is older – why would Jay-Z do that? But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.”

Does it though?

Does it really?

Alright, hit us with your best explanation bb.

“Kris does have good hair and ‘Becky’ always refers to a white woman in the African American community. Becky is a generic white name for somebody — a white girl,” Pazos replied.

Wow. That explanation couldn’t apply to any other white woman in Hollywood could it?

Of course, then Pazos threw a curveball and explained that even though Kris was Becky, her relationship with Jay-Z was one hundo percent professional.

So hypothetically assuming that was true, why would Beyoncé get jealous of that?

Because she “allegedly” hates Kim’s guts and if Jay was getting close with Jenner then he might start pressuring Bey to get over herself?

Get real, hair boy.

And we’re not the only people who are shaking our damn heads at this rumor — E! News has already issued a statement saying all this is BS.

An insider close to Kris told E! that if Kris really was Becky it was “news to her” and that this story is clearly a “joke.”

And now, if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to get back to forgetting how many weeks we spent writing about this story and bury this Becky hatchet once and for all.


[H/T Daily Mail]

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