Beyoncé’s New Ad Proves She’s Officially Lost Touch With Earthlings

Beyoncé may be a goddess sent to earth, but she’s also a weirdo.

Case in point, in the new commercial announcing her 2016 Fall/Winter Ivy Park collection, Beyoncé actually expects us to believe that when the going gets tough in her workouts, she actually visualizes somebody she loves and imagines them turning into her personal cheerleader until she feels the strength to do another push-up, or whatever.

In her own words:

“Even when my throat is burning and my lungs feel like they’re drowning, sweat is stinging my eyes, my feet feel like they’re gonna explode, when I’m about to give up I picture that one person I love more than anyone. I picture them where ever they are in the world. And I imagine myself running towards them. I see their face they’re smiling, they’re cheering and they’re so proud of me. I make it to the end, I push past the pain and I find…love.”

No matter what our personal feelings on Beyoncé are, I think we can all agree that this is not a normal response.

Also, I think we can all agree that maybe it’s time she stopped working out so hard.

Pretty sure that if your lungs feel like they’re drowning the last thing you should be doing is working out for another 15 minutes, unless that’s just what they do on whatever planet Beyoncé was sent from.

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