Beyoncé Got to the VMAs Hella Early & Without Jay Z

Despite her tradition of usually ending up at awards shows fashionably late, Beyoncé got to the VMAs way, way early tonight.

She walked the red carpet way at around 7 p.m., even though the preshow broadcast doesn’t being until 8. She was dressed in a couture gown that looks like a cross between one of those Shakespeare collars and a feather boa, but super chic.

Oh, and she brought Blue Ivy as her date. Jay Z is nowhere to be found. Probably because even though “Lemonade” feels like it was ages ago, the streets are still just too hot for him to show his face next to Bey.

The gown is by Francesco Scognameglio and comes straight from the runway.

MTV also confirmed earlier today that Beyoncé will be performing tonight, making this one of the most stacked VMA performance rosters in history. Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Kanye West are also performing. Oh, and Taylor Swift’s not coming. Maybe she and Jay are making cupcakes together?

Watch MTV’s live red carpet broadcast — which shows stars coming in but doesn’t have commentary — below. The televised preshow starts at 8 p.m. EST.

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