Beyoncé’s latest Instagram post seems a little off-brand

If I had to define Beyoncé’s brand in one word, it would be perfection.

I think that’s how a lot of people would describe it, although maybe they’d use a slightly more Beyoncé-approved word: flawless.

Rarely, if ever these days, do we see Beyoncé letting go of her calm, cool, and collected image enough to be goofy, which is why her latest Instagram was legitimately surprising.

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Over the weekend, Beyoncé posted a DIY music video of herself cheesing around at a roller skating rink.

While most of the video is very Beyoncé as usual — think stills and video clips of her looking very put together —  at the end, she includes an extended clip of herself using a Snapchat filter. And not one of the “cute” ones, like the deer or the puppy filter. It’s one that makes your face distorted in a funny way.

This is the craziest thing to happen in 2k17, hands down.


Like can you even look at this picture of Beyonce without letting out a little laugh?

No, you can’t. And that’s the point.

It reminded me of her music video for “7/11” where we got to spend a whole music video with Beyoncé the woman instead of Beyoncé the pop star.

Sure, the video was probably more of a fantasy vision of what her BTS life is like than a documentary, but still, that’s what it represented. That underneath the measured perfection of a superstar who’s in complete control of her image, there’s a woman who knows how to let go and get messy.

And it’s cool to be reminded that no matter how many statuesque portraits Beyonce takes, she’s still got that goofy girl inside her.

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