Best Lingerie Ever is an Understatement

Understatement was born from the desire to create women’s underwear for women. Founded in 2017 by Swedish duo Marie Stolt and Maria Lager, Understatement set out to change an everyday necessity by creating underwear that feels as good as it looks. In the spring of 2020, Yvet Malmveld joined the two, and the founding team was complete.

Starting with getting rid of all the annoying stuff that never should have been put into underwear in the first place. No more underwire, bye-bye to restrictive padding, and so long to itchy bitchy tags. The core of what they do is the joint effort of making every day a bit more exciting for as many women as they can. Understatement is here to make you feel empowered, confident, and comfortable. Their product is made to last, not to be tossed out at the end of the season.

This summer, take a moment to look around and choose the brands that do good and feel good. With a diverse range of bralettes, pantiesswimwear and loungewear to choose from, each Understatement product is made with comfort at its core and designed to complement every body. Marie and Maria carefully handpick each material to create undergarments that feel as good as they look, while seeking and selecting new fabrics and technologies that are kinder to both the planet and your skin. Sustainable lingerie or swimwear – this summer, feel the breeze, take a dive, lounge around or all three in our opinion.

Understatement Lingerie ranges from $42 to $90 and is available at


From the STORMY SKY collection


Understatement Lingerie ranges from $42 to $90 and is available at

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