Ben Hazlewood Shares “Kerosene” Single! New Music Coming Soon

Ben Hazlewood releases his latest single ‘Kerosene”. He describes his latest single as “The scars that I wear on my body are now permanent reminders of the past, times where I wished I could just burn it all around me, so I would never have to face the hurt of my reality. In a similar vein to ‘Fumes;’ the scent of Kerosene comes as a warning to never get too close while I’m playing with fire because it only takes one hit for me to light it all up.”

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As an artist, Ben Hazlewood is not afraid to expose his emotions. “Shine a light through every inch of me,” he sings on “Lay Me Down,” the stunning single from his forthcoming debut album, Bloodline.

As The Huffington Post writes: “Hazlewood has never shied away from expressing his authentic self through his music.”

“Music allows me to confront my truth,” Hazlewood says simply. Even if it’s sometimes an uncomfortable truth. “‘Cause in the dark, the fear is my symphony.”

Fiercely independent, Hazlewood always seemed destined for a career in entertainment. His father sang in several bands in New Zealand, and his mother owned a dance studio, and he started creating his own music when he was 14.

Bloodline is the culmination of years of hard work. A journey that started in Papakōwhai, near Wellington in New Zealand, then ventured to London for three years (where Hazlewood fronted a rock band), before relocating to Australia, where he now calls Melbourne home.

Not that Hazlewood has spent much time at home over the past few years, as he’s performed around the world, earning raves in Billboard and Harper’s Bazaar (“Ben Hazlewood could be the next big music-fashion crossover”), as well as millions of spins on Spotify and millions of views on YouTube, plus winning MTV’s The Freshmen music video competition, featured performances at New York and London Fashion Week, and a nomination for an LGBTI Music Award in Australia.

Ben cites David Bowie, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury and Stevie Nicks as inspirations. “From a young age, I was really inspired by artists that spoke their minds and could capture an emotion through their music.” 

And that’s exactly what Ben is now doing with his own music.

Bloodline is Ben’s life story. A story of courage and acceptance. Raw emotion. And music that is ultimately empowering, uplifting and hopeful. Ben hopes his story can inspire reflection into yours.


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