Bella Thorne Just Got Her Eyebrows Tattooed on Snapchat

Brow maintenance is hard, so over the weekend Bella Thorne pulled an Angelina Jolie and got her eyebrows permanently tattooed on her face.

And she documented the whole thing on Snapchat for all us squares who know literally nothing about what getting your eyebrows tattooed actually entails.

First comes the obligatory, “I’m a bad ass bitch who knows that getting a little work is nothing to be ashamed of” mirror selfie.


Next, comes getting the new, fleshed out shape for your eyebrows marked out over your existing brow line.


Then, for the next three to four hours, you get to lie there while a tattoo artist with a very steady hand fills in your brows with individual strokes that look JUST like hair follicles.


After that, you need to get everything dyed to look like the same color, which according to Bella was her “least favorite” part.


Then you get to take the obligatory, “OMG I love it” selfie.


And last but not least, you get to post something on Instagram dedicated to all the haters out there who think that getting your eyebrows tattooed is the worst thing a young woman can do to her body:

Ok. Thanks for the advice bud😏

A photo posted by BELLA (@bellathorne) on

We couldn’t agree more.

Besides, Bella is hardly the first hot, young celeb to get a little work done.

At least she’s being upfront about it and not just pretending that she gets her perfect brows from the right combination of eyebrow pencil and perseverance.

Besides, who cares.

It’s just her eyebrows.

Priorities, people.

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