These High School “Weirdos” Are Killing it in the Real World

Remember back in high school when you were awkward and people didn’t even acknowledge your presence half the time unless it was to copy your homework?  Or maybe you were considered “popular” but were still bullied by the fellow popular girls for some other unknown reason?

No matter what your high school experience was, I’m sure we all entertained the idea (in our heads) of being mega popular and having all the boys and girls eating out of the palm of your hand. But if you think about it… where are those girls now? Chances are they now have shitty style, no sense of self, are begging for attention online and have gained 30 pounds. Not saying anything is wrong with gaining weight — but we’re talking about the kind of girls who care about such things.

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But now the tables have turned, you are out of high school and college, you’ve somewhat found your place in life, you’re fly af and you’ve just glowed up completely. And now they are all in your DM’s and your Facebook messages saying how cool you are now and looking to you for validation.

This reality is true for a lot of girls who weren’t appreciated in high school. Whether people made fun of them for the way they dressed or the things you were into, they all want to be like them now because it’s considered cool now.

I took to Twitter and asked some of my followers who were considered “weird” in high school and see what they had to say.

Thomjana Ferguson, who is now a professional model who has been featured in Solange Knowles’ “Cranes in the Sky” video and modeled for her online store the Saint Heron Shop, was teased in high school as well.

“I was a choir nerd, I dressed awful, wore glasses and braces,” she told Galore. “I cut my hair [super] short previously and many guys said they wouldn’t date me, because of my hair.” She further explains that she got into modeling to boost her self esteem and now she is a professional who is signed with an agency in NYC.

On the other hand Brianna Leigh explains how she actually was popular for being weird, but still made fun of by the other popular kids.

“I was popular but if you were within the popular circle, I was the bitch that got roasted and it was because I believed in myself,” she said. “I didn’t want to be this fake ‘Basketball Wives’-ass bitch.”

Brianna further says she would be bullied because of the area she lived in and people would say she was “ghetto,” but now everyone wants to be “ghetto.”

Zuri Hunter loved crystals and astrology in high school and was considered weird — and now everyone is into it.

“I was straight up asked once if I ‘worshiped the devil’ because I was carrying around a ‘practical magic’ book that day,” she said. “Allllll these people from my high school still follow me and like my shit all the time on social media and tell me how cool I am and that the vibe I give off is great.”

People from her high school support her now but didn’t in high school…as always.

Thomjana, Brianna and Zuri have three totally different stories but are all doing that damn thing and thriving in their work and personal lives. The girls that used to clown them in high school are now begging for a follow and a DM back. They are the prime example that it does not matter if you are “weird” or dress differently or are creative and artsy in high school and people don’t understand.

So if you are reading this and you are still in high school or college and you still feel like you’re considered “weird”or made fun of for being different, DO YOU BOO. The world does not thrive on things staying the same, embrace your differences.

Take is from me and Thomjana, Zuri and Brianna, first they laugh and then they copy. Chances are the things you are into aren’t even that weird. They are just not old enough to realize that there are a ton of people that like the same things you do. I promise they will want to be you in a few years, just wait and see.


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