This beauty hack is for you liquid lipstick wearers that are battling dry lips

As much as we all love a good liquid lipstick, we can all agree that it can completely dry your lips out (unless you’re Wonder Woman). 

Liquid lipstick can be so drying, in fact, that often times you might regret wearing it – regardless of how cute the shade may be.

If you try out the temporary fixes, like chapstick or vaseline, your lips probably dried right back up within a matter of a few hours. These hacks don’t work very well at all. But, don’t worry, we now know exactly what you can do to stop this beauty no-no.

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Out of no where, lip oils have become a big talk in the beauty industry – and for good reason. Oils  can help penetrate the pores while chapsticks cover the outside of the skin.

Many beauty brands are noticing the interest in lip oils, and have decided to make their own. Unfortunately, though, these brands are now also hiking up the price.

According to a Reddit makeup addiction user, trying out almond oil on her lips basically changed the way she wore her matte liquid lipstick.

“When I started running out of my favorite color Baci, I decided to add a few drops of almond oil to see how it changed the wear, and also just to get every last drop of product out of the tube,” wrote zershia77.




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“Turns out I much prefer the formulation with a little oil in it. It doesn’t seem to change the look of it and it still wears all day long. There is slight transfer on my coffee mug in the morning, but all in all it’s still a long wearing liquid lipstick that dries down matte,” the user adds.

They are definitely creamy liquid lipsticks on the market that have a soothing formula and still dry matte but they are few and far between. Maybe using a touch of lip oil is the answer to a long-lasting, non-drying lip look!

If you are hard pressed to find a liquid lipstick that won’t dry you tf out, add a small amount of lip oil before applying, and you should be good to go. Finally, a hack that we can stand behind!

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