Stories by Maria Pasquini

  1. Alisha Boe is TV’s most down-to-earth it girl

    When Alisha Boe landed the role of Jessica Davis in “13 Reasons Why,” she knew it wasn’t just going to be another acting gig. “I knew taking on the role of Jessica I would be held responsible or accountable,” Alisha explained, “because I’d be representing all girls that [sexual assault] has happened to.” While that

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  2. Jordyn Woods is doing fame her own way

    As Jordyn Woods creeps toward the end of her teenage years, she’s feeling slightly nervous, but she knows that her future’s looking bright. Last year she got signed to Wilhelmina Curve after an agent DMed her on Instagram. At the time, she had no idea what to expect. While over the past year, she’s had to deal with

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  3. funny_twitter_bios_galore_mag

    11 surprisingly funny celeb Twitter bios

    Have you ever found yourself letting out a slow chortle over something you read in a celebrity’s Twitter bio? No? Well, you’re missing out. While yes, most celebrity Twitter bios are either nonexistent or just boring promo for whatever it is they’re working on, there are a handful that will make you laugh. Maybe you

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