Ashy Bines is a fitness blogger who doesn’t believe in restriction

Building an empire ain’t easy, especially when your empire is built around a healthy lifestyle, which also requires quite a deal of physical work as well. Alas, Ashy Bines makes it all look easy, like any true entrepreness would.

If you like what Ashy’s wearing, you can buy it on her website. If you want the supplements she recommends, you can buy them on her website. If you want her hair products, you can buy it on her website. If you want the healthy, happy life that Ashy promotes on her Instagram, then gosh darnit, Ashy wants you to have it. And she’s created all the ish you need to live your best life.

But what about all you have to give up? Does nothing really taste as good as skinny feels? Well, while that question may never truly be answered, Ashy doesn’t want you to give up your fav foods because she doesn’t give up hers either!

You hear it all the time, but balance is the key to health and wellness success. But along with that vague, but uplifting message Ashy provides you with all the tools you’ll need to persevere and keep driving your hungover ass to the gym.

Listen to her and get inspired, then go perspire.

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Is there any advice you give that other fitness gurus might not agree with?

I am all about being balanced. I do not agree, nor do I want to be, extreme on either end of the spectrum (ie. 100% clean eating and never enjoy a treat  vs “all junk food, alcohol, etc”).

Life is short, and you do need to enjoy it.  Food is huge part of our lives, something that is very pleasurable and social. In saying that, I do my best to ensure what I consume is going to provide my body with the best benefits. Food is medicine. But there is no way I would want to deny myself (or anyone else) of a birthday cake, a night out once in a while with a wine, etc. It’s all about being balanced as that’s what creates a healthy relationship with yourself and food!

What is the squad and who is in your personal squad?

Squad to me is all about having a support crew or cheerleaders if you like. Everyone needs someone on their side motivating and encouraging to be a better person in all aspects of life. That was my purpose in creating our Squad Programs.

I truly have the most amazing friends (my own squad 😉 ) that are there for me, and not just at the gym or in the kitchen, but truly best friends with similar goals, interests and aspirations and that are genuinely proud to watch you succeed and pick you up and encourage you when you have fallen down.  I do have an incredible Squad, but without a doubt I don’t know what I would do without my tripod squad, Sammy Leo and Gretty Rose!

Which celebrity do you think would make the dopest workout buddy?

What I wouldn’t give to sweat it up with the Kardashians!

Follow it up with a green juice at their fave café would undoubtedly be a goal of mine. How can you not admire the Kardashians, they are Squad goals. Hardworking, stunning, loyal to their fans, family and friends and love their fitness!

Are there any workouts you don’t recommend?

To me any and all exercises are good. Whatever you can do to move the body is going to benefit you. Undoubtedly there are some exercises that are not good for certain people if they have sustained certain injuries, but provided you are moving, getting the blood flowing then whatever that exercise is, is good in my books.

What are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to start a fitness regimen?

Restricting themselves!

From my experience, the biggest mistake people make when trying to stick to a fitness regime is being too restrictive. Cold turkey is not sustainable and as I said above, you don’t want to miss out on some amazing memories as a result of your “diet” or “regimen.” This seems to result in binge eating and yo-yo dieting which isn’t good for the body or mind. Any training or nutrition program should be something that you can maintain day in and day out allowing for treats and celebrations here and there.

You have branched into so many different areas than just fitness, what venture surprised you the most?

The Squad World Tour was a project of ours that, to be honest, really frightened me. I love what I do wholeheartedly, but the thought of performing LIVE in front of a crowd really had me nervous. These nerves would have me questioning, “Why would anyone want to make the trip to work out with me in person? What if no one shows up?” All these negative thoughts had me initially really skeptical BUT it was something I knew I wanted to do.

So, I bit the bullet, and accepted the fact that I could fail at this, but I had to give it a go. I have never looked back. The last year, performing Squad live in various cities around the globe before some INCREDIBLE ladies that I have had an impact on in some shape or form was like no other. I cannot express how heart-warming and unbelievable it has been.

How do you reward yourself for a good workout without eating pizza?

Back to being “balanced.” I never deprive myself, and I ensure all of my meals and snacks are not just nutritious but also tasty! Good food does not have to be boring. Post training, I absolutely love to have a delicious protein smoothie. Honestly they taste like a treat and I do feel good knowing I am refueling my body with proper nutrition!

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Best music to distract you from all the hard work you’re doing while exercising?

I am all about my R&B!! Mostly old school 😉 Some of it slightly embarrassing.

How do you fight laziness?

One of my mottos is “Choose Your Hard.” Firstly, you need to change your motivation into discipline. Like Nike said, “just do it.” Make the daily walk, workout, etc., a habit. Diarize it into your schedule. You can’t not show up to a meeting, so make your workout the same!

What outfit should you wear to the gym if you want to look like you fit in?

I would have to say “Toned By Ashy Bines” haha. Yes, it is my own label but I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished to date with my activewear range, and so excited for where it is headed. I have spent a significant amount of time perfecting my line and cannot explain the feeling of having others wear and love it as much as me!

Can you recommend a healthy snack for boredom eating that doesn’t taste awful?

I love my treats, this had always been a bit of a weakness as I have a bit of a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate. Accordingly, I decided to do something about it to help other girls similar to me! I have partnered with The Clean Treats Factory to create some incredible and easy to make “Clean Treats” in a variety of flavors, my fave being the Caramel Almond Dough!

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