This artsy tarot set predicts nothing but good vibes in your future

Valheria Rocha and Savana Ogburn are photographers with Adolescent (follow them on Insta!) who share an occult-inspired, high-meets-low vision. Here, they share their latest photo shoot with us, as well as a few words about the inspiration from Valheria below.

This photoset was inspired by tarot cards, vintage circus vibes, and our love for theatricality. We wanted to create a magical fusion of these concepts by way of intricate set design, beautiful photographs, and collage to tie it all together. This is the second collaboration Savana and I have created together in an effort to take our work to the next level, visually and conceptually, and to create a world that both of our styles can exist in. We designed and built our four sets for this shoot over the course of 48 hours, and later gathered an incredible team of six friends to pull this off and make magic!

It was a very collaborative project, from start to finish. Both of us had a hand in everything from makeup to styling, to the physical collage making. In an effort to create a beautiful vintage quality to the cards, we crafted each tarot card by hand. This was a very time consuming and detailed process- probably the most elaborate project I’ve ever worked on, and it was absolutely worth it in the end. We’re so excited to serve you some mystic, Halloween vibes with our newest project… Tarot Dreams!

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Photography: Valheria Rocha and Savana Ogburn for Adolescent

Assistant: Hailey Brown

Styling: Brandon Johnson

Models: Deanna Ross and Rokhaya

Makeup: Savana Ogburn

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