Ariana’s BF Wrote a Song About How Insecure Women Are the Hottest

In more great news for women, Ariana Grande’s boyfriend Mac Miller wrote a “love song” about how women with insecurity issues are the hottest and I’m loving it… not.

While melodically pleasant, “My Favorite Part” is lyrically gag-worthy.

“You just don’t know how beautiful you are / and baby that’s my favorite part,” are literally the first words out of Mac Miller’s mouth.

Honestly, it’s 2016, is nobody else sick and tired of this trope?

One Direction did it, Maroon 5 did it, and pretty much any band of fuckboys united by their shared love of tight pants and making females swoon has been there done that.


Because it’s a genius marketing move.

These songs are marketed toward insecure pre-teen and teenage girls who’ve never had a boyfriend and genuinely wonder whether anybody who doesn’t go by the name of Mom or Dad will ever look at them and see somebody worth loving like that.

They don’t think they’re beautiful. And maybe that’s a problem, but it’s not something that should be solved by some guy thinking they’re beautiful.

By exploiting the deepest insecurities of their fans, these songs, and the boys who sing them, win the adoration of their young fans who in turn buy literally everything those fuckboys put their name on.

See? It’s genius.

But also gross, especially when you stop to remind yourself that not only are these songs exploitative as fuck, they also send a dangerous message: don’t develop self-confidence because it’s not attractive and it won’t get you a boyfriend.

But while bands like One Direction might not have much creative control over the song lyrics that they sing or the subliminal messages they’re forced to disseminate, Mac Miller does.

He’s not a teenager and he’s not making music that’s supposed to appeal to a young audience. At least, I didn’t think he is.

The last I checked Mac Miller was a recovered lean addict and while that shouldn’t stand in his way of having a career, it does pretty much eliminate him from the teen heartthrob category.

All of this is just a long-winded way of saying that songs like “My Favorite Part” are only helping to fuck up the females they’re being marketed toward. It’s disappointing that in 2016 not only are they still being made, but also otherwise feminist female artists are actually putting their names on them.

Ari, I know you’re in love, but next time think before you co-sign.

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