Ariana Grande’s New Video Is ‘We Found Love’ But With Food Instead of Drugs

Ariana Grande’s new video, “Into You,” will seem very familiar to anybody who’s managed to keep up with pop culture over the past six years.

Mostly because “Into You” is basically “We Found Love,” but with food instead of drugs. 

Allow us to count the similarities.

1. They both spend a lot of time being moody in a deserted area



2. They both find love in hopeless places

For Rihanna, the hopeless place is an endless drug-filled downward spiral in Northern Ireland, and for Ariana, it’s being in love with her hot AF bodyguard who she can only hang out with in the desert because she can’t break up with her boring celebrity boyfriend for some reason.



3. They both drink a lot



4. There’s a lot of making out



5. The guys kind of look alike



Only, then there’s this big difference: whereas every other shot of “We Found Love” is of Rihanna and her boyfriend fighting / taking drugs, every other shot in “Into You” is of Ariana Grande and her boyfriend being really cute / feeding each other food (sans doughnut licking, unfortunately).




Come to think of it, this one difference is probably why Ariana’s music video ends with her and her boyfriend riding off into the sunset together while Rihanna’s ends with her curling up in a ball in the corner of her sad, furniture-less one room apartment. 

Watch both of the videos below and perform your own side-by-side comparisons. And then watch Taylor Swift’s blatant ripoff of “We Found Love” and treat yourself to a midday giggle. You deserve it.  

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