FYI, Your Obsession With Ponytails Might Make You Go Bald

Ponytails, specifically tight, high ponytails are really hot right now. 

They’ve practically become the hairstyle of choice for models off duty, and even glamazons like Beyoncé have turned to this kind of pony to help make a dramatic splash on the red carpet.

But there is one problem: your tight ponytails might be setting you up to go bald.

Although there are definite benefits to the hairstyle, like keeping your oily hair off your face and maybe even giving yourself a DIY facelift, according to celebrity stylist Sheenon Olsen, “a tighter pony puts more weight on the hair, restricting the vessels of the hair follicle and increasing cases of alopecia.”  

However, as Olsen informed Marie Claire, “this is only a major concern if you’re wearing this style for an extended period of time (three to four times per week over several years). [Going bald prematurely] is not likely to happen if the style is only being worn occasionally.”

Let that be a lesson to you: mix up your hair styles now, or spend the rest of your life wishing you’d never purchased a hair tie. 

[H/T Marie Claire

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