Bluetooth Tampons Are Coming Soon if You’re Into That Sort of Thing

Bluetooth devices are not just for dads with a lot of calls to make anymore!

A new startup called my.Flow wants to use Bluetooth technology to monitor your period. Specifically, they’re going to connect Bluetooth technology to a tampon in order to keep track of how full the tampon is, the Guardian reports.

To use my.Flow, you’d start by purchasing a more expensive box of tampons built specifically to work with the new technology. You’d then connect a special my.Flow string from your tampon, inside you, to a special belt clip, which you’d affix to your best granny panties, according to a exhibit A, seen below.

When you’re not using my.Flow, it converts into a highly attractive key chain, as you can also see above.

During your period, my.Flow will send messages to your iPhone telling you how full your tampon is, in percentage terms. Basically, it’s like a Fitbit for your period.

There are a few issues with this, though. For one thing, my.Flow is ostensibly meant to prevent stains and leaks — but what’s more embarrassing, the small chance of a period stain, or wearing a my.Flow keychain and accompanying waist clip for your entire week of menstruation?

Furthermore, most people know how often to change their tampons after just a year or two of having a period. My.Flow might be useful for a younger girl whose periods are out-of-control heavy, but other than that, there’s not a huge benefit to monitoring your tampon via iPhone.

Maybe we should focus our energies on getting rid of the period tax and legalizing weed tampons nationwide instead.

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