When we think about having that “star quality”, it’s impossible to leave ATL native Anycia out of the conversation. Although she hasn’t been on the scene for long, she’s already shown that she’s not only here to stay, but is just getting started. I got the pleasure to sit down with Anycia and learn all about her come up over the last few years. From Y2K fashion, crafting her sound over the years and her love for her family, we discuss it all in our new interview!


Before taking rapping seriously, you’ve spoken about working various odd jobs and not really being happy with your career. At what point did you feel like rap is what you could see yourself doing with your life?   

Honestly, I’ve always been dibbling and dabbling in music. I already had a lot of songs in the midst of me working various jobs. Everything was just real sporadic, one day I was like I’m just going to drop this song. I released it on SoundCloud and got good feedback, after that I dropped Kimora Lee.  

I did that song with a dollar and a dream baby! My weave was pack hair from the beauty supply store, if it was stuck in my hair too long it would have started sizzling in the flat irons’ girl! My camera man was my homeboy Reggie who had a film camcorder, he didn’t have the money to get the film I needed for the music video, I barely had the money either, but I got that film though, thanks to my mama!  

My car was breaking down, her name was Candiace, but now I’m in “Big Trina”, but Candiace had a oil leak, my car was smoking, but I made it work OK! It was raining outside the day of the video shoot, my leave out was curling up girl, the story behind that…  

It really just took a lot of perseverance and being true to myself by always being authentic. One thing about it, with Kimora Lee, I did what I needed to do. I also did the song “So What”, it’s not even released, it went viral on Twitter and really put me in the position I’m in today.  

This was back when I had a Go Pro selfie stick, my friends and I were in the car, then frying chicken in the studio, my wig was sliding off, Karrahbooo was in that video too, it was just a day in the life with me and my friends and social media loved it.  

Then one day, my friend Reggie who did the Kimora Lee video put all the videos together and edited it and randomly added “So What” to the video and it went dumb. This was around this time last year. I took off quickly, that’s why I tell people, being yourself is the easiest job.  

When was the first time you ever went to the studio?   

I was in high school, I made a song called “Queen of Atlanta” chile, don’t ask me where that song is because I have no clue! My producer friend EBK worked on that song with me, and he was one of my first friends that believed in me. I would go to my friend Diaz studio, and he would give me free sessions where I would be able to experiment with my sound. I would try autotune and just get a feel for how I wanted my music to sound.  

Seriously going to the studio though had to be around 2021/2022. I had an ex-boyfriend who was in a silent competition with me. I never really thought about it until now, but we would both be going to the same studio, and everyone loved my music, and he would get mad about it.  

He and his mama were hating BAD and used to tell me I wasn’t going to do much with it, meanwhile his friends were giving me props. It was a very toxic situation, but it made me realize I might have had something. Soon as I got out of that relationship, I made Kimora Lee. So, I really think the push that I needed was a lil hate. And not being satisfied with my day-to-day life. 

 I wasn’t happy and I knew I wanted to do something creative. I knew it wasn’t going to be modeling because I love to eat and tattoos and I wanted people to know my personality, so I feel like this was my calling chile.  

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Did you have to cultivate your sound or did you always have your laid-back flow?  

I think my rap voice is similar to how I naturally talk. I always pretty much rapped how I currently do. It would be times I’d try autotune and when I was younger, I would sing and play the piano, then I realized sliding down the wall music wasn’t for me, so I’ma leave that to Keyshia Cole!  

I had to figure out what I wanted to talk about in my music, and now I’m in a different position in my life where I’ve experienced more in my life and I have more inspiration to create music with.

What was it like working on your song “Back Outside” with Latto? Talk to us about shooting the video and your overall experience working with her.   

The song was already done, so when Latto and I connected I sent her the song and she hopped on it. At first, I wanted the video to give a BAPS vibe, then she and I decided to make it an authentic Atlanta vibe. My link up with her was very natural. Me, Latto & her sister Brooke were talking like we been knew each other.  

Majority of the girls I’ve met so far have been like that so far. I feel like I’ve been embraced by everyone so far and I really try to be personable. I like to break the ice right away to make people more comfortable.  

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Let’s talk about your new song “Call” ft. Luh Tyler, how did this collaboration come about?   

Girl the same way. I honestly don’t go looking for features, it just happens naturally. For instance, when I made “Back Outside”, I was really mad at my man and I made that song, I didn’t even think it stood a chance.  

I go to the studio consistently, so when Luh Tyler reached out and told me how hard I was as an artist, we exchanged songs, and he got on this one.  

What’s your favorite song on your new project “Princess Pop That”?   

Probably “Squigi”. The production is inspired by “Let’s Get Away” by T.I. which is one of my favorite songs. I love a nostalgic feeling chile, and this song gives me an old school ATL Cascade skating rink vibe.  

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 I feel like your overall aesthetic is a throwback bougie-ghetto Y2K vibe.  

I see the girls trying to do their Y2K 1-2, I get it, but they’re getting their inspiration from Pinterest, I didn’t even know much about the phrase at first. I got all my inspo from my mama. I get that I’m a Y2K girl though. I wear the type of stuff that’s going to throw you off though!  

They was mad at me when I wore the Timberland heel boots that doubled up. The girls that got it, got it though! Then when the girls online started pulling receipts showing Beyonce, JLo, Mary J Blidge, Mariah Carey doing the same thing back in the day, then they got it!  

Your fashion style is very unique. Where do you shop and get ideas for looks from?  

I’ve never gave a damn what anyone thought and always liked what I liked. Growing up, my mom was so up to date with fashion, so I was wearing Ed Hardy and Von Dutch even back then. I didn’t understand why kids were on my ass back then for having that on, and now everyone is wearing that!  

I will shop at Rainbow and Target, it’s all about how you wear it to me. Some days I want to be super girly, some days I don’t. I don’t have a fashion role model I just pull from being the most authentic version of myself.  

Even with my bob! I wanted it to be an auntie vibe, like I’m the rich auntie with no kids going to her sister’s house with kids and we’re heading out to the club and all you smell is Victoria’s Secret perfume everywhere! Bringing back leftover Waffle House after the club for them children! That’s how I’m trying to feel all the time!  I have colors throughout my hair and some people might not like it, but I do and that’s all that matters.  

I’ll never forget one summer when I was a little kid, I was determined to wear these leather boots with tights, a skirt and a pink vest. My mama cussed me out so bad that day! One thing about my mama though, she’s always let me be my own person. I learned my lesson that day though! It was hot as hell, and I almost had a heat stroke!  

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You talk about your mom a lot, talk to us about your relationship with her.  

She gets on my nerves, but that’s my girl, I’m not gone lie. My mom had me at 19, so now that I’m 26, I realize that she was a baby with a baby. I hold my mom to a high pedestal because even though we lived in the hood and struggled she really made sure I had everything I needed. We’ve been through things, but she kept a job, I was always clean, never had to see a daycare and she’s always been very hands on with me.  

She has always been protective and alongside my grandmother, they built my character and instilled a lot of confidence in me. They modeled me into the woman I am today. I am my own person, but I got a lot of my qualities from her.  

I have family members who were terrible mothers and I realize how lucky I am to have her, even though she still acts like I’m 15 chile! I give her her flowers all the time. Shout out to her chile!  

You just released the visual to “Type Beat” which is my favorite song on the new project. Tell us about how you brought your vision for this music video to life.   

It depends on the video, but “Type Beat” my team really spearheaded. They’ve grasped who I am as an artist, and when I don’t like something I’m not afraid to speak up. They know everything about me so I’m able to let them be creative with that aspect. It really be easy, and I don’t have to do much!  

I’m blessed to have a team where my voice, opinion and mental health comes first. I’m priority for my manager Ben, I’m basically his first baby chile! I know he be tired of me lol, but we get it done!  

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You’ve said that “Princess Pop That” is an alter ego. How does she differ from Anycia?   

I was thinking about this the other day girl and idek why I said that because it doesn’t differ at all lol! Princess Pop That is like how Beyonce is with Sasah Fierce. I would say Princess Pop That exudes confidence, she doesn’t gaf, but that’s also Anycia. It’s just a fun way of expressing myself. It’s my spam page and Twitter username.  

You recently headlined your own show in your hometown Atlanta at The Loft. Talk to us about how it felt to perform at home and how the show went.   

It was great, I had so much fun. It was my favorite show, SOB’s was cool but my mom, brothers, aunties, cousins, even my aunt from Hawaii flew in for my Atlanta show. Veeze came out and it’s so hard to get him out the house chile, he is a homebody chile! And I went on my first tour with him, so him being there meant a lot to me.  

Karrah was there and with us being friends before both of our careers took off, it just made this show extra emotional. My friends from high school came, but I didn’t cry! This show felt so good, I was overwhelmed with joy. My mom being in my crowds is crazy, and when I did RollingLoud a few months ago she was in the crowd and with her being from LA, it just made me so emotional.  

Top: H:OURS 
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If you could do a song with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?   

 I feel like, on the R &B side of things: Cherish, Ciara (I want to put her back in her Goodies bag), and Aaliyah. Rock the Boat is one of my favorite music videos. I love mixing my sound with R & B because it creates the perfect balance.  

On the rap side: Young Thug (free him chile), Cardi B, I feel like her and I could have an entertaining visual based off her personality. I love her music, but I like her for who she is. I feel like no matter what we made; it would be an iconic feel-good song. So, I’ve been manifesting that collab in every interview!  

When you’re getting your nails done, what’s your ideal nail set? Do you like long acrylic nails or short and square? Designs or a simple color?   

 I love long nails, but it’s better for me to keep a short nail set now. I like a super-duper square, damn near can poke you with the corner of them! I be having fur balls, things dangling, I love crazy nails. My mom’s nails are like that too. We always got our hair and nails done together growing up, so it just depends on how I’m feeling at the time.  

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How does your hometown Atlanta influence your artistry?   

I feel like it’s a given already. Atlanta is one of the top 3 places you think of when it comes to music. I was able to see Atlanta in all different aspects growing up and since my family is from all over the south, I feel like I’m a melting pot of all things southern and Atlanta.  

It’s the city of black excellence, so the city made becoming a woman so much better. The women are running things in Atlanta. When you move here, you wanna make money and better yourself. I love Atlanta and even though it’s different than how it used to be I still be wanting to go to Westend Mall. I love the beauty supply in that mall and the little boutique there. It bothers me sometimes that I can’t do what I used to do, but I love Atlanta so much!  

What’s next for Anycia? 

I’m booked and busy chile! I have shows coming up, a tour that I’m going to be on, letting Princess Pop That do its due diligence, merch coming, so much!  

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