Annie Clark Designed a Line of Guitars With Space For Your Boobs

Annie Clark of St. Vincent is sick and tired of playing heavy af guitars that are made for men. Most guitar manufacturers don’t even consider that a player might have breasts.

So what did Annie do? She custom designed a line of guitars that actually has room for your boobs. Yay feminism!

The line, which is a collaboration with Ernie Ball Music Man signature guitars, has a lower arc at the top, and actually accentuates the waist of the player. And it’s a lot lighter (it only weighs seven pounds) for women with smaller body frames who still rock harder than any man.

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“I really had total free reign,” Annie told Guitar World about how she designed the collection. “I could have revamped one of their existing models or started from scratch and done my own. I ended up just starting from scratch.”

And because she got to start from scratch, the look and feel is as rock n’ roll as it is feminine.

Well I’m certainly glad to be a beacon for women and for anybody who likes music and my music. I’m glad that another guitar exists that is sympathetic to the female form,” Annie said.

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