Anne Hathaway Needs You to Know She Likes ‘Lemonade’ Too

Liking “Lemonade” is easy. Literally everyone likes “Lemonade.”

But Anne Hathaway had to go and turn “Lemonade” appreciation into a middle school talent show with her latest Instagram post.

Annie decided to Sharpie a “B” onto her palm and make up some dance moves on the spot to celebrate Beyoncé’s latest masterwork, and it went about as well as her Oscars hosting gig.

She also opted to use “Halo,” an eight-year-old Beyoncé single, as her soundtrack, leading us to wonder if she even has Tidal for god’s sake.

Painful. And who is Anne to decide when the “queen” becomes an “empress”? Is “empress” even a higher position than “queen”? Anne, WTF?!

Anyway, sorry for ruining your Wednesday with this. Go watch the real “Lemonade” again as a palate cleanser.

[H/T @BobbyFinger]

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