Anna Margo Fearing and Having “Something To Lose”

​21-year-old, LA-based, singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Anna Margo fine-tuned her craft studying production, engineering, and songwriting at Berklee College of Music. Anna has come into her own as an accomplished creative, introducing her signature style with singles “Place”, “Bad Friend” and  “Know You” accompanied by cinematic visuals to acquaint us with her unique blend of moody, alt-pop. 

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Anna Margo has been releasing a series of singles and their respective music videos in an audiovisual walkthrough of several events that have been transpiring in her life, an inventive congruence between living and creating that’s admirable and largely unique in the musical arts. “In all the visuals, I’m stuck in a dream-like state, and they kind of show you what the inside of my mind looks like throughout the course of those experiences. The end of one culminates the start of the next.” Anna says of this endeavor.

Do you understand the gravity of what you did?

Never heard of love before

‘Something To Lose’ is the last song/music video released in this cycle and it is perhaps the most significant of the lot. The music video represents the early stages of a romantic relationship. The visuals were set to contrast the moodier and darker tone of the preceding three videos, this time giving us a cathartic taste of warm, comforting images and colors that relieve some of the tension from the stories told so far. The video does a great job of exemplifying ‘The “honeymoon” phase of a relationship, where we’re blind to reality, flaws and red flags.’ as Anna Says.

The song itself is funny and heartwarming since it comes from this place of annoyance at being in love and being unable to hide it. It’s the kind of love song a choleric person may write for the one brave and clever enough to slip through the emotional defenses that they’ve put up in order to never feel vulnerable and seen by others. The music video however does take an unexpected turn near the end, but we won’t be spoiling that here.


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