Animal print is a thing again, according to Instagram

If there’s anything we’ve learned from the Cheetah Girls, it’s that regardless of where we are in the fashion cycle, animal print always comes out on top.

I always tend to affiliate any animal print with the colder months, likely because I associate animals with fur and fur with keeping warm (perhaps that part was implied, but now you really get my point).

However, some recent trips to the IG explore page have suggested otherwise. Animal print, and particularly snakeskin, is back in a really big way that works for both your Spring and Summer wardrobes. Let me show you what I mean:

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#Snakeskingate i.e just me seeing snake skin a lot all began with this image, and ever since I feel as though I’ve been seeing it everywhere (in my dreams, even).

This red snakeskin variation is very aggressive and unapologetic and I couldn’t love it more. I kind of thought this was a one-off thing though, until the more recent receipts began rolling in:

IG sensation Minahil known in the context of Instagram as @bae.doe wore this all-snakeskin printed set from Fashion Nova on her Instagram, immediately diminishing the relevance of all non-snakeskin clothing pieces.

I’m not going to lie, if anyone can find a way to make snake skin — a characteristically intense print — wearable, it’s Fashion Nova.

On the same day, blogger Emmanuelle Koffi sported her snakeskin more subtly, pictured in the form of this top shown above.

I don’t know guys – is it just me? Am I extrapolating? As far as Nancy Drew goes I’d say I identify more with her weird unhelpful friend Bess than I do with Nancy herself, but I know a pattern emerging when I see one. Nevertheless.

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🔫🔫🔫 @madisunsky @riiottt wearing the new

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Then the following day, Matte Brand dropped this dope photo of some of their newest sets in, you guessed it: snake print. I wonder when we’ll be at the point where snakeskin is seen as a neutral pattern like a floral or a gingham, unless we’re already there and no one bothered to tell me?

Aaand moving right along to tiger print.

In my opinion, tiger print is criminally underrated (is it because tigers are going extinct and it’s like still too soon or…? reply snap). Model Tiana Parker kills it all of the time always just in general, but I nearly fell to the floor when she posted this video rocking this tiger print ‘kini (am I aloud to say “‘kini” even if I’m from the Northeast lol) (wait is anyone allowed to say ‘kini unironically lol).

@hrk__f_ • stace platforms•

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I feel as though animal print is never not a thing with regard to UNIF: that being said, these shoes of theirs (the Stace platforms) have become an instant classic. And the best part is that although the material is fuzzy and textured, the shoe’s silhouette is super Summer friendly.

There we have it: the jury is in on warm-weather animal prints, so keep that in mind when purchasing your next open-toed shoe or ‘kini (I’m so, so sorry. I’ll stop).

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