Amber Rose Is About to Make Dancing With the Stars So Turnt

Well, it looks like your middle-aged dad is about to get woke because Amber Rose has signed on to compete on Dancing With the Stars.

Although ABC absolutely refuses to confirm or deny any casting rumors until August 30th, E! News feels confident enough in its multitude of sources to make the announcement themselves.

Take it with a grain of salt if you will, but Amber has a talk show she’s trying to make pop off right now, so it makes perfect sense that she’d be appearing on one of Middle America’s favorite television programs.

While it’s anybody’s guess whether Amber Rose has what it takes to win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy, if Rob Kardashian can make it to the finals, than anything is possible.

Plus, she’s really good at twerking.

We’re not sure how that fits into the whole ballroom dance thing, but hey, at least she’s got rhythm.

That’s got to help, right?

[H/T  E!]

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