You may not have known that Alix Lapri has been acting long before her role as Effie on Power Book II: Ghost. Growing up in Kansas, she always knew she was destined for something bigger, but it wasn’t until she got the chance to do just that did she find her love for acting and creating music. As everyone’s favorite spinoff begins its final season, we got the chance to sit down with Alix and get to know her a little better.  


How did you go from living in Kansas to working in Hollywood?  

I actually got my start in music, and that’s what moved me to Atlanta where my acting career began. I remember coming to my mom after being inspired by seeing Justin Bieber, and other young stars at the time heading to Atlanta and asking her if we could move. As a kid you think everything really is just that easy. She said, “no baby, we can’t afford to do that right now”, but I still thought it was worth a shot. 

Not too long after, we were contacted by an Atlanta local producer to come and record some music. We went and I loved it, and I guess it was just written in the stars because my mom’s job called at the same time offering her a position at their new Atlanta office. She didn’t hesitate and picked up and moved her entire life so I could chase my dreams, and I’m forever indebted.  

Are you still making music? What is your favorite song from your catalog to date?

I am not, though I wouldn’t write it off entirely! There’s so much peace in it for me still. Everyone around me has been asking when I’m going to get back into it. Maybe that’s a sign!

Back in 2011 you had a recurring role on the BET sitcom “Reed Between the Lines”. Take us back to this time in your life and talk about your role on this show and a favorite memory from this project.  

I’m gonna be honest with this one. I was terrified! I was really just starting to try my hand at acting. I was still very much in love with music, and I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I’m always down for the challenge. This is when I learned to shake my nerves and rise to the occasion. I hunkered down, locked in, and soaked everything up like a sponge.  

A few years later in 2014 you were on the show “Red Band Society” on ABC. What did you do to prepare for the role of “Quinby”?  

Quinby surprisingly felt really natural for me. She was so different from who I was, but it felt good. It was another huge production, but it operated differently than my previous projects, so it was another opportunity to gain some experience in areas I hadn’t had before. I had some good conversations with my costars to become better acquainted and to feel more connected on camera.  

You were in the 2018 action film “Den of Thieves” as the character Maloa. Talk to us about working on this film & what you learned from this experience.  

This is when I fell in love with acting. The whole game changed for me. I remember 50 walking into my audition and giving me the role on the spot. I was so excited. Working with so many heavy hitters was so inspiring for me, and I remember feeling like I was on the right path. Like I was closer than ever before. Gerard Butler was just absolutely incredible to see. His work fills the entire room. 

What movie role would you like to play next?  

Harley Quinn has always been my dream role. Something along those lines. I want to do something completely different. I have so many sides I can’t wait to show everyone.  

What was the process of becoming the character Effie in Power Book II: Ghost?  

Ah man, Effie changed my life. I had so much fun becoming her. She toughened me up! Just living in New York and being in the moment with my castmates every day. Your whole demeanor changes once you put the clothes on and walk on set. I reached a point where I could really let go and play because after all of my preparation, I was ready to work with the best and the biggest.  

What can viewers expect from Effie in the final season of Powerbook II: Ghost?

I think she’s pretty consistent in the way that she does what needs to be done for the cause. She has a specific goal in mind and she’s doing anything for self preservation as she always has. At all costs. 

What are some of the challenging aspects of being an actor in Hollywood?  

Pressure. I’ve had to learn to just have fun with the audition, and let it go. What’s meant for you will come, and you can’t do anything but your best, ya know? When I was putting pressure on booking every single job, it brought a lot of unnecessary pressure.   

What’s your current curly hair routine?  

Oh gosh I think it changes every day. I’m a curly product hoarder so I mix and match daily. I love Mielle. I think I have the most of my products from them. I do leave-in conditioner, curl cream, then a light hold gel.  

What’s next for Alix Lapri? 

Back on your screens! I love what I do, and I can’t wait to bring some super fun roles to life.


Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

Photographer: Eric Jordan II (@jordanviision)

Stylist: Gabriella Griffin (@gabthestylist)

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