This Victoria’s Secret Model’s Diet Actually Seems Sooo Easy

Longtime Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio detailed her diet to Net-a-Porter and it sounds way more chill than we expected. In fact, it sounds a little too chill.

“I don’t cut any food groups,” she said, which makes her starkly different from former Angel Gisele Bundchen who won’t even eat a damn tomato. “I’m all about moderation and eating something different every day.”

Okay, that sounds super easy. Aren’t we all all about that? Alessandra adds that she tries “not to splurge on pasta,” but when she’s in her native Brazil, she eats whatever she wants because “everything is pasta- or bread-based.” Then, when she gets back, she reverts to “lots of salads and chicken or fish with vegetables.”

She also is down for dark chocolate on airplanes, cocktails with friends on weekends, a glass of red wine with dinner most nights, and a cup of tea and a cupcake two to three days a week. Seriously, this sounds so normal — why don’t we all look like VS models? Clearly, Alessandra’s leaving out some crucial intel here. This can’t be everything, unless she really is just that genetically blessed.

But there is one useful nugget of advice for people who are trying to cut down: if you find yourself binge eating, just convince yourself that your job depends on your ability to stop after one cookie! From Alessandra:

“[When I was 15 and first started having my own money to buy food], there were times when I would eat a whole packet of cookies. But then I taught myself not to do that, basically by reminding myself how horrible it felt the last time. Oh, and of course I would lose my job, so that was another incentive.”

So next time you’re doing a nose dive into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and looking for some motivation, think of 15-year-old Alessandra exercising discretion with her cookie packet.

Or, you know what? Just say screw it and eat a cupcake with a big ol’ glass of red. Because you’re not a Victoria’s Secret model, you’re just a normal earthling. The secrets of the Angels are not for us to know, and ice cream just tastes too good.

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