Aisha Ibrahim Is Making Her Mark on London Style

Aisha Ibrahim is a London based Muslim fashion & beauty blogger whose amazing Instagram profile has caught the attention of people and companies all over the world. We talked to Aisha about her fave London shopping destinations, how she became a successful influencer, and tips for other girls looking to break into the industry.

Where did you love for fashion come from?

I’ve always loved fashion ever since I can remember, but going to school we had to wear uniforms which was a drag. So, when I finally started college and got to wear what I wanted, I started to develop my own sense of style. At this time I was obsessed with YouTube (I still am) and I was always trying out different make-up and fashion looks, I didn’t like labeling or limiting myself to a specific type of style.

How did you become a beauty blogger?

People would usually compliment me on my make-up and clothes, so I thought why not start posting my outfits online? Ever since then, my followers increased.

Why do you think you have so many supporters on social media?

I’m trying to be more consistent with my posts as of recent and being active has upped my following. Also, I feel as though there was quite a disparity in black Muslim influencers on social media platforms, so I feel like I appeal to girls like me who may find it hard to wear the hijab and still stay fly.

What are your top five stores to shop at and why?

1. ZARA: Would possibly be my favorite. I would probably wear 90% of the things at Zara, but then again, who wouldn’t?
2. Topshop: Their jeans are amazing, I literally have more pairs than I should.
3. Office: For every shoe-a-holic.
3. Selfridges: One of my favorite department stores as there are so many different brands under one roof, which makes it super easy and time efficient when shopping.
4. ASOS: Their variety of products seem to be better than a lot of high street stores and there always seems to be a sale going on.

What would you define your career as or what career field are you aiming to join?

I am working on some exciting projects as well as studying at a university. My ultimate dream is to run my own businesses. I would love to have a legacy behind my name.

Why do you think companies gravitate to you to promote their brand?

I feel like my style is quite versatile and I like to change it up, from casual/sporty to sophisticated and classy.

What are some tips for anyone looking to increase their social media following?

Definitely showcase what you’re best at. Or something that you find interesting, as there will be other people out there who share your interests and will find your content appealing. Also, post regularly.

What’s something about you that many people don’t know?

I’m the middle child of seven children.

What do take your pictures with and how is that important for your social media sites?

I take my photos with my iPhone or my Canon 100d. Clear photos are a must, as nobody likes looking at a blurry picture, and good lighting is key.

What do you want your supporters to take from this interview?

Without sounding too cheesy, just do whatever makes you happy, and never sell yourself short. Showcase what you are passionate about, don’t let anything hold you back and don’t second-guess yourself. I know I am still on my way to reaching my ultimate goals, but if you want something, you need to work hard and go for it.

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