Adriana Lima Is Over True Love So She’s Dating Ryan Seacrest Now

In a bizarre piece of news, Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima is apparently dating man who got rich off of the Kardashians Ryan Seacrest.

Maybe you’ve seen him on TV wearing a suit talking to people about things you couldn’t care less about or maybe you just remember him from back in the day when you still watched American Idol and called in to vote every week for your favorite.

This morning, E! News announced that the two lovebirds were officially a couple and had even been spotted on a romantic dinner date in NYC, although they failed to provide the receipts for that statement so who da fuq knows.

Either this is just Ryan Seacrest’s fantasy or Adriana Lima is willing to settle for the first rich guy she met after getting divorced.

Honestly, who are we to blame Adriana for choosing a boyfriend who’ll tell her she’s pretty all the time and do whatever she says because he realizes he’s lucky to even be in a room alone with her?

Seriously, if you have a guy in front of you who’s willing to worship you and buy you things whenever, it’s really okay to put finding a soulmate on the back burner for a hot sec.

Say it with me, ladies: what a lucky bitch.

[H/T E!]

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