Adele Accidentally Learned How To Twerk Last Night

Adele’s music isn’t for everyone, but you know what is? Adele. Like, it’s honestly weird how cool she is.

For instance, take last night. Adele was onstage at London’s 02 Arena, singing the final notes of one of her immensely popular songs when the 27-year-old realized she was shaking the goods her mother gave her in a way she never knew she could.

That’s right, girl spontaneously twerked for the first time last night, and if you think you’re excited about it then you need to see how she felt about it. 

To be honest, it’s more of a wiggle than a twerk, but all in all not too bad for a first go around from the woman wearing a full-length, custom-made Burberry dress.

Welcome to the twerk team, girl. 

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