Why you actually shouldn’t exfoliate after sleeping in your makeup

We know we’re not supposed to. But whether it’s because of laziness, tipsiness, or just not wanting a new boo to see our real brows yet, we’re all guilty of sleeping in a full face of makeup from time to time.

And after you do accidentally sleep with your full face of cake intact, it might feel kind of… baked-in. Like your regular face wash isn’t gonna cut it. So you might be tempted to bust out your most intense exfoliant and scrub the crap out of it.

At least, that’s what seems like the right move. But according to facialist Joanna Czech, who handles the epidermis of both Charlize Theron and Christy Turlington, exfoliating is one of the worst things you can do.

“This is not the time to be very aggressive with the skin, because the skin is already irritated,” she told Vogue. Not only should scrubs be avoided, she said, but Clarisonic-esque facial brushes are also a no-no.

Instead, Joanna says to use an oil-based cleanser (here’s our fave) followed by a gentle face wash. You can read more of her morning-after cleansing tips here, but keep in mind the best tip of all is to wash your freaking face before bed.

Photo by Alana Tyler Slutsky

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