A pop-rocks inspired body scrub & 5 more things to gift this month (to yourself or someone else)

Right around the end of November is when many of us start to think about buying for others instead of ourselves. So, this month I’m highlighting some of my recent faves that are equally great to gift yourself or someone else. 

1. A one size bikini for a gift-safe swimsuit 

Love & Bikinis One Size Fits Most Maldives Top + Barcelona Bottom

Generally, when you think of a great gifting item, you don’t think of a swimsuit. You think of something that doesn’t require a size, like a candle or a pair of fuzzy socks. However, you probably haven’t been introduced to Love & Bikinis’ one size fits most swimsuit collection.

The crinkle fabric that the brand uses in this collection is sort of like the fabric of those “shrinky” tops you bought from Limited Too as a kid, except cuter. It’s super stretchy, and made to fit size small-XL. I usually wear an XS in bikinis, and this suit fit me too! The only downside to the fabric is I felt that it retained water more than other suits I own, but if you’re trying to buy a suit for a friend, this would definitely be a fun option. 


2. The coziest, non-corny socks you’ll ever own

Nudesox Runner Tab Socks, available in five shades

Consider Nudesox the sock that you never knew you needed. When I first was introduced to the brand, I didn’t really “get” it. I thought, “if I wanted a no-show sock, I’d wear a no-show sock.” Boy, was I wrong. 

As soon as I put on these socks, I was like “holy shit, these are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned.” Plus, they really do their job of not distracting from the outfit like black or white socks still tend to. I highly recommend these socks for both the fashion and comfort benefits. Not to mention, it’s always great to support a female-founded small business. 


3. A statement-making hat that’ll brighten up any outfit

Kangol Snakeskin Bucket Hat

Another great gift idea that doesn’t really require sizing information? A super trendy hat. Kangol has amazing options, from faux-fur berets to neon snakeskin bucket hats, like the one above I snagged. 


4. Workout bands for at-home booty buildin’

Tone It Up Booty Bands

Whether you’re shopping for a workout junkie or prepping yourself for “new year, new me” season, I highly recommend resistance bands for at-home workouts.

My favorite move is strapping a band around your thighs while seated, and pressing your thighs outward for an at-home, no machine-necessary hip abductor. Tone It Up offers a booty band pack with two levels of resistance. Plus, you might want to check out their app for at-home workout inspo. 


5. A pop-rocks inspired fizzy body scrub 

Frank Body Fizzy Body Scrub

You ever take a shower just because you’re bored? During these stay-home times, it’s very real. You might want to spice up your “trip to the spa” with Frank Body’s new Fizzy Body Scrub. The exfoliating formula was inspired by pop rocks, and the scent is sweet like candy while giving your skin some tough, dead-skin removing love. It turns every shower into a very sensorial experience. This would also be a super cute gift or stocking stuffer. 


6. A novel that’s fantasy, erotica, and relatable AF all at once

The Pisces by Melissa Broder

Are you:

a. Looking for something sexy to spice up your boring holiday break?

b. Wanting to live vicariously through someone’s tragic dating life since yours is non-existent?

c. An emotionally wrecked serial-dater/sexer who wants to do some serious introspection or at least read something relatable?

d. Into mermen and fantasy shit?

Then boy, do I have the book for you! I recently read Melissa Broder’s The Pisces (in about two days flat), and I was a huge fan. It’s super relatable to anyone who’s been single (or in a “meh” relationship) during our swipe-heavy era. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sigh in a slightly sexual way. I normally read nonfiction, and I’m really happy I decided to try something fictional to help me unplug from all the craziness happening in our world. 


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