“Little Thunder” is the perfect name for Fiona Silver’s album

You can tell Fiona Silver grew up with NYC as her stomping ground.

She just released a debut album called “Little Thunder, and this kick ass girl has a Presence, with a capital P. I caught up with her to get the scoop on this album.

Plus this 7-track album was dished together by some of the most talented women in music, including Erin Tonkon, the assistant engineer on David Bowie’s last album Black Star, and the Grammy-nominated Emily Lazaar.

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I asked Fiona what her favorite part of the musical process was, and her answer had a lot to do with the woman she surrounded herself with.

“I’m thrilled that I was able to make this record with Erin, who I trust completely,” she said. “The music industry is very male-dominated, and it was a real breath of fresh air to work with someone that is so badass, intelligent, and also so gentile. She operates from a place of understanding rather than ego.”

Weird, it’s like women are more comfortable, and let their creativity really shine when they’re not surrounded by men being told what to do? Just a minor observation.


“No two songs are really alike, but somehow they all fit together in a way that makes sense because all of it is raw,” she said. “It deals with heartbreak, grief, love, loss and ultimately empowerment.”

The biggest lesson Fiona wants her listeners to take away from this album is that not always being on top allows you to learn your greatest lessons. “I hope they learn that it’s okay to be vulnerable,” she said. “It’s ok to be imperfect. Just allow yourself to feel, and there’s a real freedom that comes from that.”

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From song writing, to picking out her studio in Brooklyn, to the mixing process, Fiona is there every step of the way.

She’s been working way too damn hard, I decided we needed to give this girl a breather, can’t have her freaking out this week. Way too many photo-ops coming her way.

For my final question, and certainly the most pressing, I asked her if she were to transform into an animal overnight, what animal would she choose, and what celebrity would she want to take care of her?

“I would be pegasus, because why not go all the way and be a mythological creature?” she said “Plus that way I could run super fast with fabulous long hair, and then take off and fly. I would want Oprah Winfrey to take care of me, because she’s like the queen, and I’m pretty sure she’d be super loving and give great advice.”

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Well there you have it, tbh I think Oprah Winfrey would also be the greatest surrogate mom, I was watching her show once and found out she has a separate chef whose key responsibility is cooking food for her dogs?? Fiona, you have the RIGHT idea.

Check out her album Little Thunder! And don’t worry, there’s more where that came from!

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