A highbrow, boutique chocolate box & 5 other things I obsessed over in January

It’s a weird time to think about love.

For those of us that have been single during the majority of the pandemic, dating seems more frustrating than ever. Normal date activities are severely limited, we’re expected to gauge chemistry through a Facetime call, and as much as we wish we had someone to sit in bed and watch Netflix with on a stay-home Saturday night—Henry from Hinge and his socially-stunted smalltalk just isn’t doing it for us.

When we see our coupled friends posting artsy Instagram stories that shame people for not staying home, we think to ourselves, “easy for you to say!” We know that if we lived with a partner who could feed us, fuck us, and provide us with the kind of human connection we crave, we might not feel the need to put on our latest retail therapy purchase and strut down to Trader Joe’s like it’s a fashion week party from B.C. (before-COVID).

But while you might not have a quarantine bae or someone to try those stupid TikTok couples pranks with, chances are love has gotten you through the pandemic in some way. Maybe it was your friends planning you a special socially-distanced Zoom birthday party, maybe it’s your grandmother who has audible excitement in her voice every time you call her. Maybe it’s just your Twitter mutuals who you’ve formed a special bond with during these trying times.

The point is, The Beatles may have been onto something when they said “love is all you need,” but maybe it’s not the panty-dropping, Pinterest-board wedding planning, romantic love that you had in mind.

And if love isn’t all you need, here are some of my favorite things this month to gift to yourself or the lovers in your life for V-Day (or just for making it through another weird-ass week).

1. Lashes to make your winks all the more powerful

Amira Lashes Princess Lash Kit, $42

If you’re going to bat your lashes at bae, make sure they’re looking right. 

I’ve been trying a lot of lashes these past few months, and I’m loving one of my latest pairs from Amira Lashes. 

I did have to cut down this lash substantially to fit properly on my eyes the way I wanted, but it was definitely worth it! The glue that came with their lashes was super clean, dried naturally, and my lashes stayed on all day long. The lash style in this kit were less dramatic than some of Amira Lashes’ other offerings, but still gave me the glam I wanted without having to wear heavy lashes all day long. The kit also comes with a cute rose gold lash applicator so the whole makeup process has princess vibes. 


2. A candle to keep things sexy all year long

Cupid & Rose Handmade Sustainable Candle, $60

Beverly Hills Lingerie was founded by two sisters as an answer to underwear as outerwear. While they certainly have some gorgeous bralettes, bandeaus, and sexy AF mini dresses, I can’t stop looking at their latest candle collab. 

Handmade with the NOHO candle co., Beverly Hills Lingerie is offering this candle, plus a girlier iridescent pink option just in time for V-Day. Unlike chocolates, a cute candle will keep your love (even if it’s just self-love) burnin’ all year long. 

But don’t worry, I’m totally getting myself chocolate too, just keep reading. 


3. A highbrow, boutique chocolate box for the foodie in your life

Delysia Chocolatier Sensual Ruby Collection Chocolate Truffles, $32.95

Godiva is so 2004. If you’re looking for a box of chocolates that is sophisticated and not reminiscent of something your high school boyfriend bought you, look no further than Delysia Chocolatier. The Austin-based, female-founded brand offers chocolate truffles in unique, multi-faceted flavors like chipotle chocolate orange and truffled honey ginger. 

They also offer virtual tastings, which I was lucky enough to partake in the other week. We tasted their Sensual Ruby Collection of truffles for V-Day, and I can highly recommend this box (or one of their others) for the foodie in your life who’s a bit snobby and/or just gets really excited about trying something unique!  


4. A silky robe that’s makes lounging around the house feel chic

Blush Mark Chelsea Pink Sleepwear, $13.99

Silky robes: they’re not just for “I woke up like this” Instagram posts.

If you’re looking for a retail-therapy clothing purchase that you’ll actually get use out of during COVID szn, this is it. A silky robe just makes everything you do feel more glam and is key for embodying a main character attitude.

Getting ready while wearing your silk robe? Immediately more glam. Doing the dishes while wearing your silk robe? Hot housewife vibes for days. Browsing Zillow listings you could never afford at 3 am when you should be sleeping? Honey, she’s an icon.


5. A mask accessory to keep all eyes on you 

Lucky Honey The Mask Chain Evil Eye, $32

The only thing worse than having to wear a mask at all times, is when you take your mask off and it accidentally falls on the dirty ass ground :/

A mask chain can not only prevent this from happening, but can add some oomph to any outfit. Think of it like a necklace with a potentially life-saving purpose. This evil eye one from Lucky Honey can double as a choker when you’re not attaching it to your mask, and hopefully the evil eyes will help keep evil spirits like COVID away from you and your bod.


6. Another kind of mask for a party on your face

Skin Camp AfterParty Hydra-Gel Pink Mask Pack (3 Pack) $16.00

Nothing makes you feel like you’re well on your way to a self-care journey like a face mask. Is it capitalistic manipulation that focuses on buying things rather than doing the inner work? Yes. Does that mean I won’t participate in it? No.

This new mask from Skin Camp, aptly called “AfterParty,” is pink, sparkly, and reminiscent of the jelly sandals you use to wear in the early 2000s. It’s hydrating properties are great for winter skin woes, and the girly packaging is the perf Galentine’s Day gift.


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