8 Weird Ass Cocktails Your Ancestors Got Drunk On In the 60s

Before your parents were the square, suburban individuals they are today, they were probably low-key alcoholics, because that’s just how things were in the 1960s.

People drank. All the time. Even at the office. Even on a lunch break. Even while pregnant. And nobody batted a perfectly curled eyelash about it.

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Man Men, then you know what I’m talking about.

Still, you never think you’ll stumble upon the proof that your parents, grandparents, aunts and/or uncles were one of those degenerates, right?

But this morning, while I was minding my own business, making my morning coffee, I noticed a cocktail guide from 1969 hidden behind the mixing bowl, and couldn’t help but feel like I’d stumbled upon the Holy Grail.

This is what my parents must have gotten drunk off of when they were just a little bit older than me.

This was the proof that they used to have fun.

I looked inside and much to my surprise I found a list of 250 recipes filled with drinks containing a lot of cream and a lot of sexual names.

And we wonder how our culture got to where it is today.

Here are eight weird ass cocktails that your parents def-maybe got drunk off when they were still living the turnt AF lifestyle.

1. Between The Sheets

1/2 oz brandy
1/2 oz rum
1/2 oz triple sec
juice of 1/4 lemon

Shake well with cracked ice and strain.

Best consumed before, during and after sexual intercourse.

2. Cowboy

1 jigger rye/bourbon
1/2 ounce sweet cream

Shake well with cracked ice and strain into cocktail glass, and play the cream doesn’t curdle in your stomach.

Is it just me, or does this sound absolutely revolting?

3. Quickie

1 oz bourbon
1 oz light rum
1/4 triple sec

Just try to imagine that you’re at a bar, some guy asks you what you want to drink, and you tell him “a quickie.” Confusion ensues, hilarity abounds. This is the stuff that sitcoms and sex columns are made of.

4. Pussyfoot

1 jigger Jamaican rum
1 1/4 oz pineapple juice
1 1/2 oz orange juice
1/4 oz lime juice
1 oz maraschino juice
1 oz sweet cream

Mix in blender with one scoop of ice for 10 to 15 seconds. Serve with an orange slice AND cherry.

Buck. Wild.

5. Steaming Bull Shot

1 jigger vodka
thin slice of lemon
4 oz hot bouillon (a beef-based soup)

Put vodka and lemon slice into cup or mug. Add bouillon and season to taste. Pour in vodka. Try not to gag.

6. Glogg

For each serving, place 1 dessert spoon of sugar, 2 cloves, 1 small cinnamon stick, 4 unsalted almonds and 1 spoonful of raisins in a silver bowl with 2 oz of brandy. Ignite and stir until the flame dies. Stir in oz of sherry and serve.

This would easily become the most Snapchatted drink in HISTORY if it ever caught on again.

7. Angel’s Tip

Pour creme de cacao into a cordial glass until 2/3 full. Carefully pour heavy cream over back of teaspoon so that it floats into liquor. Revel in the knowledge that you finally know what an angel’s pussy tastes like.

8. Pousse Cafe

1/6 grenadine
1/6 maraschino
1/6 green creme de menthe
1/6 creme de violette
1/6 chartreuse
1/6 brandy

Slowly pour, one by one, into cordial glass, in order given. each cordial should form a layer, floating on top of others, without mixing.

No wonder so many men have the warped idea that eating pussy is gross. This drink is NOT doing us any favors.

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