8 Simone Biles Gifs That Prove She’s the GOAT

This year’s Rio Olympics are proving to be full of female bad-assery, thanks in large part to gymnast and North West fan Simone Biles.

At only 4’9″, she catches some impressive air that would be insane for someone of any height. She even has a move named after her because she’s pretty much the only one that can land it, according to the New York Times.

Here are the best videos that we could find proving that Simone is pretty much super human.

1. Simone can fly.

2. She lands things that seem impossible.

3. I don’t understand how Simone is human.

4. Aerial view so you can really see how crazy this shit is.

5. How is it possible to move that fast and stick the landing?

6. Just watching Simone on the beam makes me nervous.

7. Look at this girl move.

8. She does it like an absolute boss.

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