8 movies that served major fashion inspo but got awful reviews

It’s no secret that critics and film buffs alike tend to disparage movies that are geared toward women.

Why that happens is another topic for another day *cough patriarchy cough*. But some of the most iconic lewks of all time come from the movies we love to watch on a girls’ night in.

These movies are considered bad, but no one could dispute that their aesthetics were A++. They’re so iconic sartorially speaking that it’s no surprise their value went over nerdy reviewers’ heads.

These movies may have bombed, but their destruction was kind of pretty – like a bath bomb. These are the bath bombs of movies.

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 Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde

Elle Woods served iconic looks in the first installment of the Legally Blonde series as well as the second. The only difference: critics actually liked the first movie. Like most sequels, this movie lacked critic praise, but fortunately brought fire-emoji worthy outfits.

The first movie’s style was sorority girl chic. The second’s was “Capital Barbie,” as she’s cheekily referred to in the movie. Her most iconic lewk in the movie is her patriotic ensemble that makes Paulette “want a hot dog real bad.”

A Night at The Roxbury

This movie is hilarious and any critic who says otherwise is cray. Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan don’t play the most stylish brothers in the world, but the women who seduce them are consistently wearing hot AF outfits. From dreamy 90’s pool vibes to hot club LBD’s, these girls stole the show. Even the background club-goers are wearing shiny and slinky 90’s dresses you wished you own IRL.

 Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox is a literal fox in this movie, as always. Her outfits are chic and way too sexual for a high school setting, but it’s a horror movie so reality is allowed to be a tad altered. Reviews were actually pretty mixed on this one. However, if you like sexy late 2000s casual style and watching Megan Fox devour bodies, then you should def watch it.

Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock’s character dresses like a young 90s mom most of the film. Her clothes are a bit boring and lean toward comfort over fashion. However, Nicole Kidman plays the free-spirited sister, who wears mini slip dresses and partakes in the occasional sensual poolside dancing. Her outfits are everything you’d hope a hip young 90s witch would wear. Classic movie, classic fashion. Sorry critics, go home.


Accidentally killing your friend and covering it up never looked so chic. These girls most definitely ruled their school due to their heightened sense of fashion and apparent disposable income. Every scene features some killer dress or drool-worthy heels. They are like the original Mean Girls, but with better outfits (and a rap sheet).

Coyote Ugly

The thotty crop tops and skin tight leather pants are fitting for a 2003 or 2017 night out because looking smokin’ hot is timeless. This movie, although lacking in critical acclaim, served outfit goals pretty hard. It is also the reason why so many drunk girls try to climb on bars.

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Get a Clue

These outfits are so over the top that they are almost bad, but it’s the epitome of our pre-teen Limited Too years. It’s nostalgic and it’s a crucial piece of our fashion history. Honestly, it’s not that great of a movie and the plot is largely unbelievable, but it holds up on a rainy day.

Death Becomes Her

This movie isn’t exactly scary, but it is darkly funny. It’s an interesting horror-comedy hybrid that became iconic because it stars two queens (Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep). And because their characters give serious filthy rich girl fashion vibez. This effortful look is drop-dead magnificent, TBH.

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