7 Sins Of Bad Skin According To A Celeb Aesthetician

Bad skin? No problem.

Jillian Wright is a celeb aesthetician who’s responsible for the gorgeous skin of Kristen Wiig, Alicia Silverstone, Ivana Trump, Kim Kardashian West, and many more. We recently caught up with her at the Indie Beauty Expo – she’s the cofounder – to absorb her biggest secrets for clear skin.

Here is a list of lifestyle changes that everyone can abide by that will help make their skin glow.

1. Picking and touching your face.

Want zits? Go ahead and touch your face! You bring bacteria to the surface when you pick or touch which will spread and cause unnecessary acne especially around your mouth. In the morning, after you apply your skincare and make up, don’t touch your face until you are ready to take it off and prepare for bed.

2. Sun exposure without protection:

Not only does the sun cause hyperpigmentation (discoloration), fine lines and wrinkles, it also causes your skin to lose it’s elasticity. So, if you are wondering why you all of a sudden can see enlarged pores, it may be because of unprotected sun exposure at some point in your life. Use a sunscreen everyday including the wintertime and try to wear a hat when you are in direct sunlight.

3. Smoking:

Aside from the fact that you are inhaling carcinogens that may cause cancer, the trail of primary and secondary smoke travels up your T-zone making it more clogged with blackheads. What is a blackhead? A blackhead is rancid oil and that has oxidized and is sitting in your skin getting larger and stinkier the longer you leave it there. Oh, and let’s not forget the fine lines on your upper lip that surround your mouth caused by the act of smoking and its consequences.

4. Bad eating habits:

When you eat processed foods, fast food, take out, etc…you have no control over the ingredients. You have absolutely no idea what you are putting in your body that may affect your skin. Eating whole foods (veggies, fruits, meats, fish, grains and beans) that is prepared and cooked at home is a better choice than the stated above. Also, if you are acne prone, there are certain triggers like sugar, dairy, and fast food that might exacerbate the issue. Check with your local clinical nutritionist for a consultation.

5. Stress:

Environmental stressors and emotional stressors can cause your skin to behave badly. You can have increased inflammation, breakouts and just look tired. Where you live greatly affects the functionality of your skin so keep that in mind when you move somewhere new. Keep a skincare journal to document the changes that occur in your lifestyle. Same with emotional stressors. Do you have a paper due? Are you preparing for a major presentation? Are you traveling? Not sleeping? Sad? These factors all have a hand at dysfunctional skin.

6. Excessive amount of sugar, dairy, salt, alcohol and caffeine:

Anything in excess can throw off your balance in life, love, work, family, and even your skin. Like I mentioned under stress, keep a mental or written diary of what is going on in your life down to everything you are consuming. If you have concerns about your diet, then consult a clinical dietician who can help wean you off certain triggers that may be causing your skin to age prematurely.

7. Not exfoliating at least 1-2 times a week:

Your skin, being the largest organ, goes through a lot to protect us internally and externally. You are constantly shedding dead skin cells and sit on the surface and dull your complexion. Your skin looks gray, sallow and dull. A simple solution is to exfoliate once or twice a week depending on your skin type to reveal fresh, healthy skin. By helping the proliferation process, you are keeping your skin vibrant, youthful and energized. The right exfoliation balance will ensure your skin’s beauty.

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