7 Reasons Why We Love Our Gay Best Friends

There’s a reason why all of your favorite iconic babes have a gay BFF — or GBF for short — and we at Galore and Grindr know that bad bitches and gay guys are a match made in heaven.

Whether your GBF is the only one who really gets your obsession with Britney Spears music videos or your GBF is the only one who supports you adding “having a threesome” to your bucket list, he’s always got your back and he’s always down for whatever.

We talked to some of our favorite bad bitches and our staff here at Galore to appreciate our GBFs for always being there for us, and always being down to go get margaritas and dance until 4 am. Check out Grindr’s site for more from our favorite gay best friend’s perspective and forward this to the GBF in your life.

1. They Never Judge Our Thottiness

There’s nothing worse than confessing about last night’s ratchetness to your BFF and having her secretly judge you — or worse, talking to your other mutual friend about what a thot you are. The best thing about our gay best friends is that they don’t slut shame us. For every guy you’re randomly making out with at a bar, your GBF is prob messaging a hot shirtless dude on Grindr, so he totally knows how it is.

2. They’re Always Game For a Throwback Jam Sesh

Every girl loves gay clubs and bars, and while one plus side is that for once you won’t get hit on by creepy bros claiming they “own a business” every two seconds, another plus is the music. Because who doesn’t want to get drunk and dance to Madonna and Britney Spears?

3. They’re Down For Literally Whatever

Luna Lovebad’s favorite thing about her BFF Anthony is that “he has a ‘down for whatever’ attitude,” and we totally agree. From convincing my gay best friend to come to Warped Tour with me to inviting my other GBF to a fetish party, when I need someone who’s down to do something rando, I always ask my gay guy friends.

4. They Don’t Mind Your Booty Calls

As someone who has previously lived with a gay dude, I’d have to admit that one of the best things was never having to try to hide the fact I was having a booty call over. Forget trying to stay quiet or feeling guilty about inviting a dude over while your roomie watches The Bachelor, gay dudes are legit the kings of booty calling and will cheer you on. After all, they do have the perfect app for it.


5. They Know How To Block The Haters

Grace McKagan said that her favorite thing about her BFF Quentin is that “he’s always in a good mood and brings positive vibes everywhere,” and Quentin is definitely not the only gay dude who knows how to bring peace and love regardless of the haters. After all, coming out is challenging and sadly means that you’re opening yourself up to critics, so gay guys know a thing or two about letting the negative comments roll right off them.

6. They Can Stand In As Fake Boyfriends

It’s pathetic that some creepers won’t leave you alone until they’re convinced you have a boyfriend, but sadly that’s the way it is. For those times when you need to prove to a perv that you’re spoken for, you can always get your GBF to stand in. Or how about that sorority formal where you want to actually have a fun date? Your GBF will guarantee you have a great time.

7. They Tell It Like It Is

Nothing is worse than asking your friend to give you honest outfit advice and knowing damn well she doesn’t have the guts to tell you that you look like a hooker from the 80s. But our GBFs always tell us what’s up. They’re not afraid to tell us our mini dress is a little too tight or that we look like we just went to the gym. If anything, our GBFs convince us to wear what we actually want to wear and be extra af without worrying about standing out.

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