6 “unsexy” things women do that actually turn men on

Many girls feel self-conscious about certain little habits that appear to seem unsexy. Biting nails, scratching an itch, or even wearing a ponytail are all little things we can’t admit we feel bad about when we’re trying to impress a crush. However, a lot of things we try to avoid doing actually turn guys on. A lot. Because men are pervs.

The best place to go for boy advice? Reddit! Just kidding, there is no good place to go for boy advice, because boys are impossible and kind of terrible. But they often gather to talk about how awful they are on Reddit, so we can easily eavesdrop. In this thread guys get real about weird habits that they can’t stop thinking about.

1. Tying their hair up in a ponytail

“Every time i see a woman tying/untying her hair I go into a trance,” said one dude.
*seductively reaches for a hair tie*

BONUS: Messy buns are even sexier.

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2.Talking to themselves?

“When women sit up straight and start concentrating/organizing and talking to themselves to try and finish something or figure something out,” one guy said.

Interesting. Maybe you should abruptly start going through your daily schedule aloud, next time you’re around your crush.

3. Wearing a basic T-Shirt

“Wear T-shirts. I don’t know what it is but seeing a cute girl wearing a regular T-shirt gets me going. I’m a big fan of the girl-next-door look,” said one user.

Don’t dress up for your next date! You’ll turn them on by wearing a simple tee from a pack of Hanes. Because as we all know, plenty of straight dudes secretly just want to date another dude.

4. Getting on tippy toes to reach for something.

Short girls unite! One of the things we’re greatly embarrassed of, guys strangely love. Turns out not all guys are looking for a VS model girlfriend.

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5. Scratching an itch?

“Its not something you seem them do often. I’ve only ever seen SO’s do it. Its oddly hot. The everydayness of it is attractive,” said one guy.

Is the first date too soon to bring a back scratcher?

6. Wet hair.

A lot of us wish we could pull of that sexy, post pool dip soaking wet look. But in reality, with hair stuck to our face, we instead feel hideous. One guy on reddit fawns over his girl when she’s out of the shower.

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