6 Types of Instagram Accounts We Want To Leave in 2016

A New Year is a time for change and cleansing. Lets hope some types of Instagram accounts will get the cleanse in 2017. And by cleanse I mean calm down the excessive amount of these particular themes.

The Instagram themes below are overdone and mostly a cry for a big following. In 2017 do we really need to still care and value ourselves according to our follower count?

1. Couples Who Travel Together

We get it. You both lucked out in the gene pool and complement each other’s sun-kissed glow. But all there are too many cringe-worthy Instagram accounts of couples cliff diving and swimming with sharks

2. Foodies 

@eatingthroughnyc #newforkcity

A photo posted by New Fork City® (@new_fork_city) on

We all love food, especially photos of it. But its getting to the point where my Instagram explore page has made me unsatisfied with real life food. I drool at the photos instead of the physical pizza in my hand.

3. Selfie Obsessed

Selfies are fun once in a while, but if you post one a day, unless you have the most entertaining and hilarious captions in the entire world, I will probably unfollow you.

4. MUA 

Tutorial on this look is now up on my YouTube channel ( MELLY SANCHEZ )

A photo posted by Melly Sanchez (@thefashionfreakk) on

Getting all dolled up is definitely fun once in a while but spending 97.3% of your time caking on make up for Instagram is just not worth it. More importantly, it’s sending a message out there that unless girls look flawless, they’re not hot.

5. The Ex

A photo posted by The Weeknd (@theweeknd) on

There is just no need to still be following him. Haven’t you heard? You can stalk him on a different platform now.

6. Workout Revolutionary 

Every Instagram account dedicated to working out just makes people who aren’t gym-obsessed feel like slobs. The odd post can be motivational but I mostly stare at the pictures thinking why are you working out at 8 p.m. when you could be living life?

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