6 Songs Kylie Jenner Plays On Her Snapchat Pt. 2

We’ve most likely all seen Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat—she holds the record for most Snapchat followers—so we all intimately know that you can often find @KingKylie in her backyard with her mini greyhounds, or driving around her Ferrari late at night with Harry Hudson and Jordyn Woods, singing along to her favorite jams at the moment. And more than a few times I’ve wondered what exactly she is listening to.

Luckily, an Instagram account called @Kylizzlesnapchats has found a way to download Kylie’s Snaps, therefore making it possible to us to revisit the songs in her Snaps. Check out a few of her most recent faves below and make sure to go through part one.

1. “Mixtape” – Chance the Rapper ft. Young Thug & Lil’ Yachty

This is probably the best song off Chance’s new album, Coloring Book, so props to Kylie for this one.

2. “U With Me” – Drake

Not sure how Snapchat trolls figured out that this was a Drake song from three seconds of her Snap, but they’re not wrong. 

3. “One Dance” – Drake

Kylie reps her Calabasas neighbor.

4. “Myself” – Nav

Another Toronto cosign. 

5. “Pull the Trigger” – Russ

This is a truly weird song, but if Kylie likes it, we like it.

6. “Grass Ain’t Greener” – Chris Brown

Everybody loves Chris Brown. I’ll never know why, but they do. 

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