6 Last Minute Drugstore Gifts That Look Thoughtful

We’ve all been there.

You’re on your way out of your apartment to go to a holiday party and you realize you’ve forgotten something important: the Secret Santa gift.

Or, even worse, you get the “I’m so excited for you to see what I got you for Christmas” text from your best friend who you really shouldn’t have forgotten about after you already got off the subway by her house.

But have no fear!

You don’t have to rush over to the mall or run back to your apartment to find something to regift, you can just go to your local drugstore!

Think about it.

They have everything you need.

Scissors, tape, tissue paper, bags, and PLENTY of stuff to put inside those bags.

Of course, you’ll still have to do a little finessing to make it seem like you’re not buying your friend/co-worker/slam piece a last minute gift from Walgreens, but it can be done — and here’s what you need to buy to fake it.

1. A box of decently fancy chocolates

In addition to the same bags of M&Ms and Twizzlers that you can find in any grocery store or bodega around the country, most drugstores also have a surprisingly large collection of semi-fancy chocolates.

So get that special person you completely forgot about a mystery box of Russel Stovers, Ferrero Roche, or anything else that looks almost fancy.

It may not be Godiva, but honestly, who’s ever that mad about getting chocolate at the holidays?

2. A card

Now I know what you’re thinking, a card isn’t a present, but it is if you’re woke.

Simply select a card and then write a little note about how you’ve made a donation in whoever’s name to some charity they’d be impressed with. They’ll never know it’s a lie and you’ll probably forget about the whole thing before you have time to feel like a bad person.

3. A picture frame

Most drugstores have a little photo kiosk off to the side somewhere where you can print out pictures from your phone, a flash drive, or maybe even the Internet.

So after you pick out a picture frame that doesn’t look like it fell out of a 99 cent bin, find some photo where the both of you look great, print it out, put it in the frame and voila, you’ve got yourself a sweet and sentimental gift that only a monster could be disappointed in.

4. A DIY Cake Mix Mason Jar Thing

You know how it’s all trendy and cute to give people mason jars filled with all the ingredients you need to make hot cocoa or cookies or anything else that would look cute on Tumblr?

You can do that yourself bb.

Drugstores have mason jars, or at least plastic equivalents, cake mixes, hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, and just about most anything else you would need for a basic baking project.

Find yourself a simple recipe online, buy all the ingredients you need, and put everything as neatly as you can into the mason jar.

And to make it extra legit, buy supplies to make a cute tag that looks like some sweet hipster woman on Etsy made it.

Whoever gets it will be none the wiser.

5. One of those “as seen on TV” products

Maybe you already know this, but drugstores typically have a whole section of an aisle dedicated to “as Seen on TV” products, like bacon molds and absorbent hair towels, or whatever.

Obviously, this option is kind of a crap shoot, but you never know, you just may find the PERFECT gift there.

6. A DIY Spa Package

This is kind of like option #4, but more versatile.

Buy your pal some bubble bath, a candle, a lighter, some nice smelling soap, and, if you happen to be on any prescription anxiety medication, you can pop a few of those bad boys in there too!

And if you wanna really go for the gold, instead of putting your DIY package into a bag or basket, you can beg whoever’s on the floor for a small cardboard box that they haven’t thrown away yet.

Buy some bubble wrap, tape it up and pretend like it’s something you got shipped to your apartment WEEKS ago.

And that’s how it’s done, guys.

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