6 Actresses Who Could Play Meredith McIver in a Movie About the Trump Campaign

By now, you have probably heard about the Melania Trump speech debacle at this year’s Republican National Convention. Everyone has been ruthlessly making fun of her for blatantly plagiarizing a Michelle Obama speech.

And until now, no one knew whether it was Melania’s fault or her speechwriters. There were many questionable circumstances surrounding the speech itself, but today, America, we have an answer.

Earlier today, Melania Trump tweeted this letter, signed by a new name we haven’t heard before.

Wait a minute, who the hell is Meredith McIver? Does she even exist?

The only things we know about her are that she is a friend of the Trumps and a former ballet dancer. She allegedly helped Donald Trump himself write some of his books, including “Trump 101: The Way to Success.” She’s listed on publishing house Simon and Schuster’s page as an author of Trump’s books, but there is no photo, no bio, nothing.

It just seems fishy, doesn’t it? This rando person actually wrote Melania’s speech. This timeline of events could be made into a movie, as could the rest of the Trump campaign honestly.

Assuming Meredith McIver is a real person unlike Trump’s pretend publicist John Miller, we came up with list of actresses who could play her in the make-believe Donald Trump movie (which will probably be called something like “The Hugest Huge Wall Ever, Seriously Huge”).

1. Amy Poehler

Can’t you just see Leslie Knope playing this character? In her deranged moments on “Parks and Rec,” we see some characteristics of what we would imagine Meredith McIver to be like. She’s crazy, focused, and blonde. All are prerequisites for Trump.

2. Anne Hathaway

In every movie that Anne has EVER starred in, she’s always the character that tries way too hard. Like in “The Devil Wears Prada,” Anne tries and still manages to disappoint Miranda Priestly. Same shit here, only unlike Trump, Miranda Priestly knows a bad spray tan when she sees one.

3. Melissa McCarthy

This is our wild-card pick. If the Trump movie were to become a screwball comedy, Melissa would be perf for the role. She’s really witty and always manages to make light of a bad situation, just like Meredith McIver, who probs sent Melania an Edible Arrangement to say sorry.

4. Stacey Dash

Notable Trump-lover IRL, Stacey could play this role so well. Just pretty enough to be interesting to Trump, but not like smart enough to cover her tracks, like Meredith McIver!

5. Blake Lively

Elegant and gorgeous, but somehow she manages to have so many media gaffes. She would probably plagiarize someone while defending Woody Allen, or talking about her “Oakland booty.”

6. Drew Barrymore

Drew just has it. She’s coy, but smart, and she could play a character who is devious and sneaky. She also probably has two cats at home and three book shelves all filled with Sci-Fi novels, just like Meredith McIver imaginably does.

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