5 Ways To Detox This Fall

We know in the summertime it’s all about “bikini bods” and getting outside, but for many of us, it’s when it starts to get cold that we tend to pack on a couple pounds (even worse, jeans make us much more aware of the extra pounds than sundresses do). Lucky for you, and your favorite pair of acid-wash skinnies, there are so many great ways to make sure you stay on track this Fall. Here are our five favorite ways to detox this fall without starving yourself. And don’t worry, you’ll be excused to eat as much stuffing as you want on Turkey Day.


1. Your Tea: We’ve all heard that green tea has a multitude of benefits, but somehow we never get around to drinking all that much… and we have a feeling your daily starbucks green tea frappucino doesn’t count. Your Tea is simple and easy, all it asks is that you drink one cup of tea thirty minutes before each of your three meals. While it’s no miracle diet (is there really any miracle diet?), the tea before your meals will insure that you don’t overeat and keep your portions manageable.


2. Juice Cleanse: While juice cleanses have been all the rage for a while now, we prefer cleanses that let us chew. All that liquid restriction makes us feel like we’ve just gotten our wisdom teeth out. One of our personal favorites is the two juice cleanse programs by One Lucky Duck. They have one cleanse for those that want to eat healthier, but maintain their weight, and another for those who are looking to lose weight. Unfortunately, One Lucky Duck is only available to us New Yorkers, but there are plenty of other great options for those who want to cleanse, but still eat real people food.


3. Cut Out Alcohol: While this may sound like sacrificing yourself to Hades, we promise it’s a little easier than it sounds. You may not remember all those vodka-cranberries that you regularly down late at night on the weekends, but your body does. Summer may have been filled with BBQs and Bonfires and one too many pina coladas, but Fall is much more subdued, and no alcohol never means that you can’t go out. Besides, we know you’re a blast and a half without needing any liquid courage.


4. Cut Out Soda: Okay, so for some of us (including me), cutting out alcohol is easier said than done. So, why don’t you try a less intimidating alternative: cut out soda. There really isn’t any benefit at all to drinking the stuff, if you really need caffeine grab some tea (see Your Tea, above). If you think you need soda to chase your shots on the weekends, switch to a natural juice or try flavored water, coconut water and flavored rum is a great combo.

5. IQS (I Quit Sugar): Another one of our favorite diet plans is Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” plan. It’s not a fad diet with a bunch of crazy rules, it just cuts out one ingredient that we eat way too much of without even realizing it- sugar. Eliminating sugar from your diet won’t only help with weight loss, but many participants regain energy, clearer skin, and many other health benefits. By signing up for an eight week program, you receive a recipe book filled with lots of yummy looking meals like the one pictured above.

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