The 16 Most Insane Brags on the ‘Modern Swan’ Socialite List

Once upon a time, socialites were the only it-girls who mattered.

Some people called them swans, some people called them rich bitches, and some people just called them fun. Because that’s what socialites are. They’re fun.

Socialites go to parties. They get drunk. They get sloppy. They shrug about ripping their thousand dollar dress because they can just go out and buy a new one tomorrow.

Our modern day it-girls, who are almost all celebrities, are mostly too responsible to ever be this fun.

They care too much about being liked because that’s where their money comes, whereas socialites almost always come from money so they don’t give a shit what anybody thinks.

Like, remember when we had Paris Hilton to look up to?

Those were the days.

Town & Country, a publication with a very preppy name but a surprisingly mainstream appeal, shares our nostalgia for the socialite era and just came out with a list of 50 new it-girls to know about.

Here are 16 of the most insanely hilarious “bragging rights” from those 50 swans.

1. Gray Sorrenti, Photographer

Thank You! 📷 @anna__alek for @wonderlandmag 👕👖@jesszt 💄@laurastiassni 💇🏽 @yuhikim0315

A photo posted by Gray Sorrenti🍓 (@graysorrenti) on

“She’s a millenial who can do more with a camera than take selfies.”


2.Caroline Vreeland, singer/model

And scene ⭐️ photo by @bradelterman for @oddamagazine

A photo posted by Caroline Vreeland (@carolinevreeland) on

“Unfettered access to great-grandma’s wardrobe.”

To be fair, her great-grandmother was legendary Diana Vreeland, “The Empress of Fashion,” but still.

3. Annina Pfuel, costume designer


“Home is a 500-year-old castle in Bavaria”

Not to brag or anything.

4.Hope Hicks, Donald Trump’s press secretary


“She lives rent-free in a Trump apartment.”

No matter where it comes from, a free apartment in New York City is pretty much as impressive as it gets.

5.Isabel Getty, of the Getty Museum Gettys and not the Getty Images Gettys


“Alma maters include Le Rosey and NYU.”

OMG, shut up. She went to NYU? GOALS!

6.Alessandra Balazs, daughter of a hotel mogul/actress

season 5 premiere @shameless #showtime

A photo posted by Alessandra Ford Balazs (@alessandrabalazs) on

“She can always get into Chateau Marmont.”

Side note: does anybody still go to Chateau Marmont?

7. Emily Corker, daughter of a onetime Trump VP contender


“Showed up with Dad at a 2015 state dinner. The press took note.”

Well, yes, that is what tends to happen when an old man shows up to an event with a hot young blonde in a red dress.

8.Princess Iman Bint Abdullah of Jordan, princess


“Has her mom’s looks and philanthropic tendencies.”

She’s also a princess. Have we made that clear?

9.Yara Shahidi, actress

🎶 It’s a beautiful morning 🎶

A photo posted by Yara (يارا‎) Shahidi (@yarashahidi) on

“This year she also signed with a modeling agency.”


10. Danielle Lauder, great-grand-daughter of Estee Lauder

Who wouldn’t ❤️ a piece of 💩 like me ?

A photo posted by ᴰᴬᴺᴵᴱᴸᴸᴱ ᴸᴬᵁᴰᴱᴿ (@daniellelauder) on

“Scored three film roles — all while still an active Kappa Kappa Gamma sister.”

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

11.Flora Irving, great-great-grand daughter of Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney of the Whitney Museum Whitneys


“She killed it in vintage Dior at last year’s Whitney Art Party.”

Slow clap for Flora, people.

12-15. Viola, Vera, Mafalda & Maddalena Arrivabene, daughters of an Italian Count and Princess


“George and Amal Clooney got married in their house.”

Get out of town, girls. I’ve seen the pictures. You all have a NICE house.

16. Madina Visconti, Italian jewelry designer

🌸🌺🐯🌺🐯🐯🌸🌸🌺 #MyTheresa #Erdem #dinner #InLoveWithVenice 🎣🎣🎣 #lastnight

A photo posted by MADINA (@madinavisconti) on

“Maintains a classic grandeur despite a penchant for turquoise hair dye.”

Clearly, somebody a little more conservative else wrote that bragging right for her.

[H/T Town&Country]

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