14 Throwback Girl Group Looks You Need To Steal This Summer

Guys, this is really embarrassing, but I have a problem.

Please don’t judge me, but for the past couple of months, I’ve been too busy getting caught up in my own drama to realize that summer was right around the corner, and now it’s here and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!

I’m like, so ashamed to even exist right now. 

And I know I should be out in Soho buying a crochet bikini and a pair of frayed denim cutoffs that barely covers half of my ass, but for once in life, I want to look different… okay?

And I’m not really sure how to do that, but I’ve spent the past hour googling the Great Girl Group Looks of the past, and I think that the best thing for me might be to make like a thief and steal all their styles. 

Anyway, here’s what I found.

Who knows, maybe it’ll help you too. 

1. The Spice Girls


Obviously Ginger’s red, white and blue leotard is best reserved for a Halloween party, but between Baby’s shoes and Scary Spice’s everything, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

2. Girls Aloud


This look is so Balmain, only it’s so not because when Girls Aloud was a thing Balmain was still some obscure French label that random pop stars in the US didn’t know about. Unless they did. Either way, guess this is a sign that opulent, padded hip mini dresses that barely cover your vagina will always be in.


3. En Vogue


The mini dress version of this would be so kewt, don’t you think?

4. Blaque


A shiny, sleeveless, hot pink puffer jacket sounds very hot, both literally and figuratively.

But while it may be too much for the daytime, it’s perfect for that shitty restaurant you always go to where the service is horrible, but whatever because they crank that AC like global warming is just something the Democrats made up.

5. Destiny’s Child


Speaking of the beach, nothing says summer like some wet, hot American denim — and yes Bey, we see you with that booty chain, girl, and we wanna steal that too.

6. 3LW


Remember how in the 2000s, you could wear a bikini top with jeans on the red/blue carpet and nobody would think it was slutty at all? Yeah, we need to bring that back.

We need to burn all that denim though.

7. Eden’s Crush


Eden’s Crush was a short-lived girl group created by an equally short-lived television show called Popstars. But on the bright side, at least it gave the world it’s first introduction to Nicole Scherzinger — and a timeless black metallic one piece bathing suit with a cut out that’s perfect for a lay out on a yacht or a dip in the closest rooftop pool.

8. The Beverley Sisters


The mini dress version would be like, endlessly exciting.

9. Girls Aloud


Ignore the belts and that hideous Marissa Cooper reject babydoll top, and just focus on all the other edgy going out tops for a second.

And then ask yourself, when’s the last time you bought a going out top?

Honestly, life’s too short to dress boring all the time.

10. Blaque


Blacking out is bad, but wearing a suspender-style shirt that barely covers your boobs is great. Summer gets hot — the less clothing the better.

11. En Vogue


Everything besides the belly, hunties. Not even En Vogue can make a full-term pregnancy look like a must-have summer accessory.

12. Destiny’s Child


Living for your  halter top, Kelly girl. Beyoncé who? JK, Bey. I would never play you like that.

13. 3LW


I’ll have all of their looks in a size 4, okay? Just point me in the direction of the 3LW store.

14. Sugababes


Yes, ragged edge pleather minis!!!!! Cavewoman chic is going to make a comeback any day now, right?

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