14 of our fave babes give us their take on girl power

Girl power means different thing to different people. We had 14 of our favorite young creators tell us their take on girl power — all while clad in Juicy Couture!

Geneva Italia Patterson

“Girl power is when women and girls come together and they’re able to defeat any obstacle that comes their way as one.”

Kansas Bowling

“FEMINISM is doing whatever the hell I want. Queen of the camel toe. Girl power is when camel toes are acceptable.”

Breah Hicks

“Being yourself, not letting other people run you down. When I was younger I was really insecure and I learned that you should be yourself and do what you like.”

Mermaid Vision

“Woman have been robbed far too long with the masculine manipulation of the female body. Be sexy, be you, be smart, be androgynous, be naked, but do that for you, not for the eyes of someone else. You can have female reproductive parts, or you can identify yourself as a woman. When a woman fully loves herself she rises within her feminine energies, sharing that with all other woman around.”

Madison Tabeek 

“Girl power is having confidence and not caring about what others say about you and learning about that.”

Priscilla Robinson

“My girl power is about never underestimating the little scorpion’s sting.”

Payton Morse

“Girl power, to me, is the power of creation. The power of turning a feeling into an object. It could be as simple as using our hands to create a painting or a jewelry piece, or as intricate as using our entire being and physical bodies to create a living, breathing ball of innocence. We were created for creation. And that’s amazing!”

Truly Young

“Rise and grind!!! Own who you are, have unconditional love for self, and when problems arise, add more lipstick and attack.”

Maddy Crum

“I am a girl,

I am smart and I am strong,

And I can do anything.”

Lucy Bleu

“Be yourself without caring about what people have to think or say, and never judge others for doing what comes naturally to them.”

Faith Harper

“Girl power is knowing what you want and when you want it and not letting anyone change your mind.”


“You can do anything you set your mind to. Girls are superior to everything.”

Odessa Adlon


Serina Warren

“It means to acknowledge the power of a woman, to be able to express your female voice, fight against female oppression, and obviously to be a fucking badass bitch.”

Photography by Mark Hunter

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