12 Celebrity Middle Names That Are Super WTF

Middle names are fascinating.

And by fascinating we mean they’re simultaneously not important at all and illuminating at the same time.

While most celebrities have boring and ordinary middle names like “Hope,” “Noel,” and “Giselle”, some have middle names that make you wonder whether their parents were wasted when they came up with it or just really didn’t give a fuck about their kids getting teased at school.

Here’s 12 of our favorite very WTF celebrity middle names: 

1. Jennifer Shrader Lawrence

Very relatable middle name, J Law.

2. Megan Denise Fox

Such a sensible middle name for such a bombshell.

3. Kate Garry Hudson

LOL, why would you name your baby girl Garry, Goldie Hawn? Were you getting back at her for making you go through the pain of labor, or what?

4. Kristen Jaymes Stewart

Again, why do this to your child? At least adding the extra y into James makes it kind of cool.

5. Ciara Princess Harris

Gee, do you think Ciara got spoiled growing up, or just teased a lot by all the kids on the playground?

6. Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Seriously, what mother looks at their newborn baby boy and thinks, “You know what would be a perfect name for this cute little bundle of joy? Wilhelm.” Sorry, don’t believe it.

7. Hilary Erhard Duff

Why, Duffs? Why?

8. Solange Piaget Knowles

Tina already knew her daughter was going to be a handful, so she gave her a name to match.

9. Nicolas Kim Cage


10. Hugh Mungo Grant

Well, at least this parents had a sense of humor about their cruelty.

11. Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

12. Elizabeth Stamatina Fey

Well, at least she ended up shortening Stamatina to Tina and making the whole thing work for her.


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