11 Last-Minute Gifts For Pop Culture Kweens

Pop culture junkies are the most fun people to buy presents for.

You can literally get them the most random looking thing off of Etsy for $5.95 and they’re going to love it because it’s got their favorite celebrity looking like a dumb dumb on it or it’s kind of clever.

So here are 11 last-minute gifts the pop culture kweens in your life will EAT UP and probably Instagram the fuck out of.

1. Justin Timberlake Ramen Hair Socks

No wonder Britney cheated on him.

2. Miley Cyrus Nipple Pasties

This is a piece of peak We Can’t Stop Miley Cyrus history.

A throwback to the glorious time she showed up to an Alexander Wang fashion week party wearing pill-covered sunglasses and ice cream cone pasties and was probably rolling her ass off.

Ah, the sweet bird of youth.

3. Pocket Kim Wisdom Book

Finally, the perfect way to combine your BFF’s love of ass, coffee books and celebrity “wisdom.”

4. Justin Bieber Mugshot Socks

Never forget that once upon a time, baby Biebs put on an orange jumpsuit and cheesed for the cameras.

5. The Official OfficialSeanPenn 2017 Calendar

A must for your arty 2000s-loving friend who maybe still has a Tumblr account they don’t tell anybody about.

6. Zayn: The Book

Zayn “wrote” a book and I don’t know about you, but I think it looks HILARIOUS. Just look how serious he looks on the front cover — doesn’t that just make you want to laugh out loud, or at least stroke his sad puppy face until Gigi comes around the corner and slaps you upside the head?

7. Britney Before the Fall Mug

This mug is low-key brilliant for highlighting the symbolism of Britney’s classic VMA performance. Seriously, think about it. Britney’s dressed up like the 2000s thot-positive version of Eve, gyrating in MTV’s garden of Eden, cavorting with a snake and saying she cannot control it?

This was the beginning of her fall and we all know it.

8. A Wood Sign With a LOL Kanye Quote on It

Same Kanye, same.

9. Shay Mitchell’s NOVEL

Take it from one of your own kind, if you’re a grown ass female who still watches PLL, you will enjoy this book. It is hilarious and full of characters who do things like fuck their way around the world while social climbing and talk about how they’re not achieving their mood boards yet.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

10. Sex Panther Cologne


11. This Gossip-Heavy Book on the Kardashians

LA Weekly says, “[this] biography is so full of dirt that’s just gross enough to be true,” like the claim that when Rob Kardashian was a little bb boy, his family called him pee boy.

You know you need it.

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