11 Badass Women Who Rocked A Buzz Cut

This one is for all the baldies out there!

Our fav heartbreaker Kristen Stewart recently revealed to the world her new platinum blonde buzz cut.

The buzz cut is a style that is often looked down upon — a style that is seen to be non-lady-like or not feminine enough. It’s the type of style for a woman, where you’re automatically assumed to be queer or gender-non-conforming because why would a girl want to cut all her hair off if she doesn’t want to look or be like a man?

Society forgets that hair doesn’t make you a woman or feminine. It’s just an addition to a woman’s look. That’s why it takes guts to chop all your hair off.

There’s this kind of relief that’s comes with cutting your hair. It prevents you from hiding behind your hair and letting yourself be truly out there. Once it’s gone, it’s gone — for a while at least. Some do it because of circumstances, others by choice. Either way, when you you have it, you better rock it like you’re center of the universe.

If you spot a woman with a low cut, know that’s a woman with strength, confidence, and that can hold her own— something that intimidates most men. But who cares, right?

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Let’s take a look back at all the kick ass women who rocked the bald look oh so effortlessly.

1. Amber Rose

The unofficial queen of the buzz cut!

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2. Grace Jones

One of the first to put androgynous women on the map.

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3. Natalie Portman

How can we forget her V for Vendetta moment?

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4. Demi Moore

She made this look iconic when she chopped it off for G.I. Jane.

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6. Erykah Badu

One of my personal inspirations for my own bald look.

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7. Sinead O’Connor

A woman who stood against what society thought women should look like.

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8. Charlize Theron

I mean what look can’t she rock?

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9. Danai Gurira

She plays one of the baddest characters on The Walking Dead and with a haircut to match.

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 10. Jessie J

When you cut off all your hair for charity and pulled it off like no other!

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11. Lupita Nyongo

If there was a leader of this style, Lupita would be it!


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