10 Burning Man styles you’ll want to wear IRL

While there are a lot of things about Burning Man that are kinda annoying — spending a week in the desert, having to rebuild society, being around people wearing glow-in-the-dark fur — it’s not all bad.

Because Burning Man is one of the only places in the civilized world where you can be your most extra, thotty self and nobody’s allowed to say anything about it.

It’s simultaneously too much and extremely magical.

Now IRL, we can’t all dress like Bella Thorne all the time. But here are some Burning Man styles that you will want to wear on a regular basis.

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1. These stomp the yard, er…desert boots


Candy Machina UV Reactive Platform Sneakers, $95 

Have you seen the new Yeezys? Chunky sneakers are in. But those are kind of ugly and these are cute!

2. The classic convertible leotard


Jungle cat reversible bodysuit, $40 

At first glance this seems like it might be a little too boring for Burning Man, it’s actually the smartest base to pack in your suitcase because it’s reversible. One side is camo and one side is cheetah print. Plus it’ll show off your side boob and your entire back!


3. The 24 hour party people backpack



Desert Disco Dreamer Backpack, $45

Thanks to E! Online, your suburban grandmother has just learned that “adult backpacks” are cool. She doesn’t know yet people under the age of 30 just call them mini backpacks. Wait till she gets a load of this baby! Did we mention it also has an attachable hood?

4. The fluffy furry fanny pack


So Fluffy Fanny Pack, $25

Kendall Jenner would be so proud of you. Plus seriously, fanny packs are making a comeback, but they’re also ridiculous. So why not show the fashion establishment that yes, you can play by their rules, but you’re also not taking yourself too seriously.

5. The Las Vegas showgirl bodysuit


Crystalline Dreamz Sheer Bodysuit, $45 

It’s Britney, bitch. Oh, wait. No it’s not. It’s you! Darling, it’s you.

6. The fancy ass nipple pasties


Silver Diamond Jewel Pasties, $25

For the lady of the evening who wants to go braless without freeing the nip at a black tie dinner.

7. The ski goggle


Diffraction Ski Goggles, $40 

You know how there are those bright sunny days in the dead of winter? You feel like you should be wearing sunglasses, but it just feels wrong to break out your Ray Bans? Just wear these. Plus, if it starts blizzarding, you’ll be extra prepared.

You laugh now, but the way sunglass trends are going, these will probably be cool in a matter of months.

8. The slinky bandana necklace


Boujee bb Chainmail Necklace, $25

These chainmail necklaces were very cool in the 2000s.

9. The I’m a Barbie thot bodysuit


Black Opal High Cut Bodysuit, $45

A lesser media outlet might call this leotard “mermaid goals af,” but we’re not lame, so we’re just say it reminds us of something Kylie Jenner wore in a magazine.

10. The “is that a disco ball on your head, or am I still high from last night” helmet


Disco Helmet, $500

Do you ride a bike? Good. You’re helping the environment. Now here’s a gift to help make your life choices less boring.

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