10 of Bella Thorne’s Most WTF Videos

Bella Thorne is quite the character. There’s no denying that. But, you probably haven’t realized just how one-of-a-kind she actually unless follow her on social media.

Our favorite red-headed rebel has pulled some pretty interesting antics in the past and they usually leave us staring at our phone for a good ten minutes wondering what the fuck we actually just watched. Nevertheless, we can always count on her to keep us entertained. Take a look at some of our favorite WTF moments from Bella’s social media.

1. That time she tried to the seduce the camera.

In this most recent video, Bella stares into the camera and awkwardly moves around until she eventually starts biting her blanket. K!

2. That time she shared a video of herself burping for Tyler Posey.

Okay, girls. Take notes. Apparently, the number one way to seduce Tyler Posey is to send him videos of you burping. Not too long ago on Twitter, Bella posted this video of her burping into the camera with the caption, “If you ever wondered what our texts consist of @tylergposey”.  

3. That time she basically made out with a cheeseburger.

Listen, I get really excited about eating cheeseburgers too, but Bella takes it to a whole new level. I’m not really sure why she thought obnoxiously chewing her lunch into the camera was a good idea, but she did so here’s the video. We can only hope that one day someone will look at us the way that Bella looks at that burger.

4. That time she wrote a song about really needing to pee.

I wonder what the rest of the crew on set thought when they saw her filming this.  

5. That time she posted an actual video of herself on the toilet.


Yet again, Bella is the queen of TMI. In March, she was so comfortable with the Twitterverse that she even took a video of herself actually on the toilet in that moment! FYI Bells, we would’ve believed you without the video evidence.

6. That time she tried to seduce the camera… again…

Bella really likes making sexual faces into the camera, in case you couldn’t tell. Last month, she posted this video of herself with the caption, “When you tryin to flirt with the camera but it’s not really working ”.  LOL!

7. That time she begged Marvel to play Lady Deadpool.

In response to a Q&A question on Twitter, Bella posted this short yet frantic video of herself begging Marvel to let her play Lady Deadpool. This 9 second clip features a series of voice changes and really odd facial expressions. All in all, we can assume that Bella is either batshit crazy or a ton of fun to hang out with. Again, maybe it’s both.

8. That time she meowed with a bunch of friends to show off her cat finger tattoo.


In this short Twitter vid, Bella shows off her new ink by meowing into the camera. Not only that, but she has a group of friends in the background meowing with her. Looks like a fun time.

9. That time she had someone record her doing… we’re not really sure what. 

Something that I always wonder when celebs posts these types of videos is how does it even come about? Do they ask a friend or nearby stranger to record them uncomfortably posing? Do they rehearse it? Who knows. Though, I guess it really doesn’t matter when you have a body as hot as a Bella’s.

10. That time she molested Gregg Sulkin’s face.


Ah, my final and favorite video. On their one year anniversary, Bella posted this…. really freaking strange video of her begging Gregg to kiss her in the weirdest (and scariest) voice I’ve ever heard. Then, when he actually does kiss her, she starts darting her tongue in and out of her mouth like some sort of rabid iguana. Bet you’ll never find that in a guide to dating.

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